Savage is the Night

Savage is the Night

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Liner Notes: 

I'm a bit late to the feast. Here's my take. Thank you @wacha for hosting and for the theme.

Theme = Savage


Savage is the Night

Savage is the night
Where you barely can see
Activity in the dark
Images moving freely

Savage is the night
When you sense something near
That ignites your sweat hormone
Heartbeat racing deep in fear

Someone or something is approaching
And there's nothing, nothing, nothing you can do

Savage is the night
Where you let out a scream
That even you cannot hear
In a strangely abstract dream

Sunfire © 2021

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I really like the direction you took this. That last stanza is great!

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Love the title and the ending twist was a surprise. Nice lyrics.

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Great title and I like how you've used it in the form of your lyric. And then with the twist at the end the title becomes even more meaningful. Excellent write!

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Really nice use of the prompt! Those lyrics are dark and broking in the most perfect way. This is a great skirmish, thanks for playing along!