Another Helping of You

Another Helping of You

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, folks - I wrote this a week ago and have had the chords worked out for several days. I've *tried* to make a demo, but I'm just not... feeling it. Not the song - it's super cute, which is weird because I do NOT write cute stuff at all.

It's just... me. I have about 6 songs to post with the chords ready to go, I just need to do a damn quick demo... and I can't. I've been feeling so out of sorts and hope it passes because my goal with 50/90 was to add demos to all the songs I could, but... yeah.

Small things are a struggle right now. Hmm.... maybe that could be a good song title.


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Verse 1
I call you sugar cuz you're so sweet
And you make me blush redder than a beet
You talk smoother than caramel sauce
Just re member in this kitchen I'm still the boss

You weren't part of my plans
But we go together like pots and pans

You're the mashed potatoes to my casserole
The honey butter to my dinner roll
The collard greens to my spiral ham
The marshmallow topping to my candied yams

You're delicious, yes, it's true
So serve me up another helping of you

Verse 2
You've got eyes brown like hazelnuts
And you're stacked in the back like a pound of cold cuts
But I don't mind in fact I kinda like it
Yeah, you got me simmerin' like the mornin' grits

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

Never thought I'd get stuck on you
Like almonds onto toffee
But you make my day brighter than
A fresh cup of coffee
We're made for one another
Like mac-n-cheddar cheese
My life without you would be like
Carrots without peas

Pre-Chorus and Chorus

© 2021 R. C. Richardson

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This is delicious. I love so many of the lines. Another helping indeed! lol

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This has got a nice blend of sweetness with every day item humor that makes a relationship song more real to me. Well done and I hope it gets music! (P.S.: this totally counts whether it gets a demo or not Wink )

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Oh, you’re right, this is super cute! I love a good food song. And you made it so romantically silly. It’s great!

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wow, this is great! got me hungry (!) for the demo to come, as soon as you cook one up- I guess its in the slow cooker? Smile

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This is pretty sickeningly cute, but a great fun write, like some good cheesy early rock 'n roll Buddy Holly/etc......... Look forward to hearing this too, do let me know when you get a demo up.

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Lots of fun, enjoyed the word play. Let me know when the demos up.

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I hadn't gotten my guitar out since last week, but seeing the chords along with your words made me want to strum!
It was fun to do a jaunty, jazz-folk feel for your awesome words - so many wonderful food images. Good one!