Why (Fibonacci challenge)

Why (Fibonacci challenge)

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Liner Notes: 

Written to the Fibonacci challenge http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/fibonacci-challenge
where the number of syllables in each line matches the Fibonacci series (where each number is the sum of the prior two) sequence. I got as far as 89.
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89

I had written the lines shortly after the challenge was first issued but did not get around to a recording until now. For music I did a chord progression with spoken reading over the guitar playing. Hollowbody electric Gretsch plugged in to my acoustic practice amp with high chorus and even higher reverb settings, then added Garageband echo strum effect. I messed up the 89 syllable line. Rather than redo the entire song I thought I would just add tracks for the 89 syllable line with another vocal track and then added MIDI with cosmic synthesizer effects.


remove chords
Why (Fibonacci challenge)
Guitar open Dadd11 DGDF#AD

Repeat progression throughout
Tell me
Do I write
Is it for the love
Do I feel like going somewhere
Only places I have been cost more than I have made
Although the writing process is meaningful and is cheaper than psychotherapy
A journey of walking along a mountain trail where I alternate between basking in the sun, seeing for miles, and slogging for days
Really what else would I do because I can't not write my head would explode into a sideways convulsion with blood and synapses spattering everywhere until my subconscious oozed out onto the table and would make the creek seem calm
Do I go for 89 syllables taking this fibbonaci thing a bit too far since its all been fun and games so far but sooner or later these words are gonna hurt and I'll lose my breath just droning on and on like the ever expanding universe where we are already nothing on a speck of dust about to be overdue for a good cosmic sweeping

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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wow! this is quite a soundscape, and a confessional, a short story, a concept, and a very very fun listen!

love how the effects take over, and ..yeah a good cosmic sweeping indeed!

nicely done!!!!! great idea!

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That backing track is pretty trippy. A great bed for the spoken word poetry, that gets pretty trippy itself. So is the is the universe really just a giant Fibonacci spiral? And are we all due for a good cosmic sweeping? Oh my.

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Ha! Fantastic take on the challenge!!! I love that you went up to a line of 89 and set it to some cool, as Val said ‘trippy’ music! Works brilliantly! Kudos for your response to the challenge!

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THIS. "Although the writing process is meaningful and is cheaper than psychotherapy"!!! Smile
This is a creative and chill song--I wish I came across your music when I was brainstorming the shape challenge for week 1. I wanted to do a song based on the golden ratio. This is fabulous. I have an acoustic-electric right now, but if I were to ever get an electric guitar, I want a Gretsch! They sound and look so beautiful.

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why is math so cool? this is super cool, especially considering the vocal constraints of writing fib. syllables

really dug the lyrics and the guitar sounds super wild.

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Numbers become words, and your storyline gets more interesting. Love those effects coming out of your Gretch.
Well constructed response to the challenge.

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That swirly Gretsch is rather trippy. It's the perfect bed for this song. And whoa - 89 syllables? Now that's what I call pushing the envelope...

Thanks for doing a Fibonacci song!

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I love how the lyrics just open up as you go along.
Interesting production, as usual.
Great swirly choppy guitar in the headphones.
Slightly dreamy and hypnotic.
Yeah, good job.

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Amazing job with those lyrics. Each line is so natural sounding. Great job. Nice guitar sound too.