Hope Against Hope

Hope Against Hope

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Joanne Gabriel - Hope Against Hope

Liner Notes: 


Looks like I won't be doing much this year again, but I'll have this one song sketched, if nothing else.

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Good to see you here, Joanne - even if it's just for this song, you always know how to make them count. Nice to hear guitar taking a significant role here; the guitar that comes in at 2:10 instantly made me think of Mike Oldfield, and that feeling just gets stronger and stronger as everything builds. Glorious...

And here's to hope. We need it now more than ever.

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Salut! C'est bon que vous êtes ici, même si c'est juste pour cette chanson merveilleuse.

Not sure why this didn't pop up in my feed. I double checked & you are on my Watchlist, but this didn't show in my "My Activity" feed at all Sad I just happened to stumble on this song by chance. I'm sure glad that I did!

I'm really liking how this is a great mix of your amazing synth orchestration skills & your wonderful guitar playing - & of course your angelic vocals as well (which I'm sure all of us 50/90ers & FAWMers would love to purchase an official Joanne Gabriel Vocal Sample Pack Smile ). I know how much work vocals are for you & I think I appreciate your angelic voice even more because of that. Once again, I got lost in your sonic world & enjoyed every moment of it. I only wish it was longer, but then, that's what the repeat button is for, n'est-ce pas? Biggrin

On Ce Vera Dans Les Ombres…

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So refreshing to see you here, it truly feels like a lot of the meaning in the event is gone while you don't share some of your fabulousness. This is like Ravel's Bolero, if he had some modern pop sensibilities and was in general a cooler person. I love how the main melody is repeated, added to, transformed, layered, substituted as main, stripped-down. It's very wise that it's this catchy and this forward. Each turn changes its meaning, its depth and character which shows how talented you are as a musician, arranger and how creative you are. From a simple line you create a multiverse of different sounds and meanings. Amazing.

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This was already very hypnotic and wonderful, but I got really sucked in once that overdriven guitar and vocal kicked in. Really amazing work, I enjoyed this a lot!

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Have you seen my headphones? I guess I'll have to listen on my laptop Smile

That simple guitar line is pretty beguiling, and then everything builds from there. It's all lovely and hypnotic. I'm reminded a bit of Ode to Joy, inasmuch as a very simple melodic line is woven into a whole piece that is moving and uplifting. Glad to see you here, however briefly

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I always love listening to your stuff. I really don't know how you do it, and that's no exaggeration.

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Fantastic track, really like how it builds up and expands, awesome sounds in this one!