The Impostor

The Impostor

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Liner Notes: 

As I was trying some things using Ableton and Push, a poem popped into my head so I moved it into Logic Pro, where I prefer to create. Then I moved it back into Ableton where I prefer to do production.

Anyway, the poem comes from probably a couple of places - "Impostor syndrome" as artists are familiar with but compounded by those adults who take pot shots at you chasing your dreams. Add situations where other things are going on. As a child, this is internalized in a deep way. As an adult, you realize they were probably frustrated artists themselves who were not pursuing their dreams. Those things they say are really directed at themselves.


The Impostor
Kathy Holmes @ Screamie Birds Studios
(Some words were killed in the making of this track)

Walking country back roads
Those are the words I was told
You’re gonna dream your life away
These are the thoughts on replay

Imposter, Projector, Transgressor, Trespasser

Those are his words
Stealing what’s not his
Hiding his truth of projector 
Denying his role as transgressor

Yesterday’s gone, the past is dead
Writing your story moves you ahead
Walking on the beach with thoughts in your head
Dream of being an artist instead

The day he died I heard him say
As a voice from Heaven whispered my way
Please forgive me as I walked away
And dreams of an artist began to play

Every dream happens...

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I really like the sound variation. Really makes for a stimulating listen. It's different & it's cool! You rock!

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I love this message! Protect your dream/songs like they are your children. People will give unsolicited advice based on how they view their own dreams. This was just the inspiration I needed today. Lovely!!

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+1 on the lyric message and how it is woven into the music. Powerful mood shifts through the song sections in support of the different voices. Well done!

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Great title! Love the message, there are always impostors and frustrated creatives. Like the different voices and variations in the music. Definitely interesting.

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amazing song. so many variations on the musical theme. i like the first verse and the guitar solo the most, and the vamp at the end is cool.

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What a trippy take on the evolution of an artist. Dream your dreams your own way. Indeed! Cool listen, again.

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I love the message of this song and the arrangement is great. Your vocals are smooth which contrast the more chaotic feel of the arrangement very nicely. Very nice work!

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Yea yes and YES. That was my childhood - my mum was an artist who stopped following her dreams and she became my absolute worst critic. Still is today but I can let it slide now. As a child is was really damaging for my self belief. I suffered from imposter syndrome for years!

Great immortalisation of a common issue amongst creatives. I’m really digging those grunge guitars!

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I want to watch you make these. You should livestream your process, like @headfirstonly sometimes does.

This stuff just fascinates me--sounds so good!

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Love the punk/grunge aesthetic! And how the song seems to evolve section by section - constantly holds the listener's interest. Lyrics, as others have said, are absolutely glorious, very relatable. And that coda is just awesome. Well done!

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I've fallen behind on my listening & I am trying to catch up.

This has that '90's alt-rock feel to it. I'm loving all those guitar tones & how this song just keeps developing into new territory. And the lyrics are really potent, striking home to anyone creative. Live for your dreams. Another awesome track!

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