Only Fair

Only Fair

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote a song a couple of weeks ago (What I Need) and some people said "Hey, this reminds us of Nick Cave!"

I like Nick Cave a lot, but never thought of myself as channelling that kind of energy. I thought I might try leaning into that a bit.


I’ll save your arms carelessly thrown about
And your painted toes from their stepping out
I’ll protect from what faults have been laid
Once all of your debt has been paid

I’ll take your eyes for their glancing around
I’ll take your skin, where the spirit is bound
Fortune lend favor to us
Who trade in commitment and in trust

If we were one, like you said
These would already be mine
If we were one in word and deed
Could this claim be unkind?

I’ll take your heart, while it’s beating in time
I’ll take your tongue, I’ll redeem all your lies
Never say to me that I don’t care
I’ll take all you promised, it’s only fair

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spot on homage to nick cave, both in writing and delivery. great job!

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What a great demo! Excellent write, wonderful guitars, vocals.

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wicked lyrics, would love to hear a little bassline in it too