Chasing Butterflies

Chasing Butterflies

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish time. In the RV and early morning so lyrics it is!


Chasing butterflies

V The haze of summer around,
The warmth upon my back
The corn blowing in the breeze
The winding of the track

V The hillside stands immovable
The sky goes on forever
The distant viaduct stands proud
Announcing mans endeavour

C But i was chasing butterflies
they were elusive like my dreams
Im chasing my reality
Or that is what it seems

V The cut grass smell abounds
The vineyard fruit is ripe
Its just like its meant to be
A summer stereotype

C But i was chasing butterflies
they were elusive like my dreams
Im chasing my reality
Or that is what it seems

B Memories of my youth
Butterfly net in hand
Living life day by day
Nothing ever planned

V What if i ever caught one
The end of the great pursue
Yup i think you guessed it
I wouldn't know what to do!

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Very nice! Reminds me of the old song Elusive Butterfly of Love. Love it!

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Well done! Pretty impressive for a skirmish. Also, congrats on making 50!!!

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This has a strong emotional feel. I can't believe it was a skirmish. I really enjoyed this Smile

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Gorgeous nostalgic feel and the sensory wonder in the lyrics! The images are just beautiful and you capture a time of innocence and hope!

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If this never gets music it wouldn’t matter because it also reads like an awesome poem. I could just imagine you writing this early morning in your RV somewhere sunny that inspired your summery lyrics. Good skirmish

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some really strong images and metaphors that evoke such a lovely nostalgic time and feeling, i love the nice smile in the last two lines Smile great skirmish.

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This is incredible, and I sure hope you set it to music. Creates some mental pictures that are quite personal to me.

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Lovely images and rhythm - feels very summery and nostalgic and I love the ending!

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Gorgeous lyrics. That second verse in particular, wow. Crossing fingers and toes that it gets put to music Smile

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Really beautiful set of lyrics here. That ending is something really special. This is a really nice take on the prompt and great write, skirmish or not.

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Great title! And awesome set of lyrics John - if you're not doing anything else with them, I'd take a shot at them. Great metaphor and love the corn blowing in the breeze.