Someone Needs a Whack with the Clue Stick

Someone Needs a Whack with the Clue Stick

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Liner Notes: 

Time for the Chapman Stick to get a workout.

And I've picked a phrase that used to be all the rage as the title; it's fallen into disuse these days, which is a pity because I'm sure we all know at least one person deserving of such attention.

Sadly, it's usually me...

Edit (9th August): Listened to this on headphones last night and hated it. Pulled it apart, rerecorded large chunks, and generally tightened things up. Happier now.

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Love it, so complex in structure, worthy of early Genesis

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Yes, I need a swat with a clue stick once in a while myself. Great hard-rock/prog groove to the track! Also a bit of a smile at the 'short song' tag since this is still nearly 3m.

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ha never heard that phrase before, i can imagine this as a stressed eric sequence or some such, drives along furiously but with a bit of slower paced distant perspective and overview too

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When I chaperoned high school dances, I always wore earplugs to deaden the sound. All those high school boys would love this. Very accomplished player here.

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Wow! Love the upbeat tempo. Great rock n roll dance tune.

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Whoa, I like the attack right off the bat.
I always enjoy your Stick playing.
I can hear your anger and/or frustration here in the music.
Ah, such a nice guitar interlude there.
Nicely done.

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Lots of very great playing in here! Chapman sticks have always intrigued me, I've aways thought I'd be more comfortable with that than as opposed to a more guitar like bass, or else I'll always pick up a bass and just be a guitar player playing the bass. I think the stick, or even just an upright would force me to approach it as a whole other instrument, but the sticks are way cooler than uprights Biggrin

This is short, but feels longer....not in the bad way, just there's so much packed in. A very enjoyable ride driven along nicely with that "bass" line.

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That was bracing! You whack us good with that stick. I love the hard-charging drive of the song--and the change at about 1:38 is a nice palate-cleanser. It's pretty catchy, too. Thank you sir, I'll have another

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So many cool layers here! The energy makes me want to speed down the highway in the middle of the desert with sunglasses on. Love that driving riff.