Terry Rushes The Stage

Terry Rushes The Stage

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Liner Notes: 

This was a challenge set by Mr Bluesman, which was to write a song about cheese.


If I could be a cheese
I think I’d be a brie
Cos I’m so common, and creamy (goddamn)
And I make friends with other cheeses far to easily

Once I had girl with a really crusty skin
You could smell her for miles
It was the smell of the cows was coming in
The only way I could cover her
Was to smother her in Vaseline ..

And now I think of iiiit.
I think she is still in the fridge

Most of my mates
Are immature cheddars
We like to bust out the pickles and dance on a cracker.

And I’m looking since aeons for a cheesy chorus
Where each cheese can feel free
And where you can love or deplore us
But we all live in sweet harmony

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Very clever take on the challenge, the lyrics were funny and smart. I love the scene you've created with the song. I've played many open mics with a similar feel.

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Joe, this is a random find, but I’m so glad I found it! I spent the best part of three minutes laughing my arse off. There’s a real, anarchic Derek and Clive vibe to it, well done. Too many brilliant lines to single out, but I think ‘Once I had a girl with crusty skin / you could smell her for miles’ are my favourites. I mean, that’s genius. Also the general pub ambience you’re able to conjure up is inspired. Haven’t heard anything else like this on 50/90, keep it going!

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Wow - that 2nd verse had me laughing out loud. Too, too funny! You know - the production is fantastic. I like the use of foley and the additional voices that just take this over the top. Brilliant!