The Day They Closed the Mine

The Day They Closed the Mine

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Liner Notes: 

John and I do at least one collab every 50/90, he sends me a lyric and they're always excellent. I couldn't decide which way to take this story musically, so just had to pick one and go. I had a lot of fun on this.


V1 The siren sounded one last time
They left again in covered grime
Collected the weekly pay
Another dollar another day

V2 Been that way from father to son
Just enough for everyone
Always able to loan or borrow
But seems like theres no tomorrow

C Sullen faces, empty purses
Air filled with angry curses
It was the end of their time
The day that they closed the mine

Having to find a new way through
Join the unemployment queue
Theres no way they can improve
Nothing left but to up and move

Left behind are empty blocks
A few old and broken crocks
Just like the people left you’ll find
The land raped and left behind

C Sullen faces, empty purses
Air filled with angry curses
It was the end of their time
The day that they closed the mine

The day  yes the day
Yes they day they closed the mine

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Inspiring yet mournful lyrics by John, matching reflective melody by yourself with a great production. I especially liked the hooky bassline and the 'siren' style instrumentation from the intro on.

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So many good lines in here that I'm not sure where to start. That chorus - "air filled with angry curses". @coolparadiso, I know you're amazingly prolific, but I think this one of my favorite writes of yours and @tjeff has interpreted it beautifully. I'm not sure what other music ideas you had, but I'm very glad you chose this. I feel taken back to a Bruce Springsteen album, or Billy Joel with "Allentown" and "Downeaster Alexa". The latter is especially poignant to me as a Long Islander. Downloading this fast AF!

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i like the easy rhythms, spooky organ, and laurel canyon harmonies,

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I love working with Jeff, I'm never sure exactly where he will go except that it will be good. It's always nice to collab like this, particularly now I know the kind of lyric Jeff likes.

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Eerie, cavernous, mighty atmospheric. Quite filmic in the way the words and music come together to tell this dramatic tale. Very well done, both of you.

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I'm tickled that I'm getting to hear so much of John's lyrics, as done by others--as well as his own prolific number of full songs! I get to hear some "new folks" this way.

A great collaboration, guys!

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Hot Dam, this is a great collaboration! I love the lyrics, they are soulful and somber and give you a lot to think about. The arrangement is top notch too, the use of panning is effective, the harmonies fill up the track beautifully and that guitar solo! I love the guitar solo, it comes in at just the right length. There is a Richard Marx vibe to this both in the writing and arrangement which I mean as a compliment. Nice work to both of you!

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This is fantastic on every level. The lyric is hard-hitting and tells such a compelling story with an effortless style that really makes it all the more devastating. the musical setting, arrangement and production is really interesting- its got elements of both 1960's/70's Americana and some kind of 80's/90's updating of it, --in an intelligent way that takes the best of all of it. Great work by both of you!

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Great lyrics. Love so many phrases here. Production is just really cool (great instrumental break!)