Rise Up

Rise Up

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Liner Notes: 

This was for the Game Challenge run by colgoo, you can check that out here http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/game-night-challenge.

I was given Root, and you can check that out here is you so wish https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/237182/root but to sum it up, cats rule the forest and the other animals are trying to take it back. I LOVE that I was randomly assigned a board game about a war involving cats.

I was initially going to try to write the verses representing the cats, then the animals then use the bridge to represent what I'd call the animal mercenaries but opted to go with more of a "this is our land and we need to defend it" could be from the cats or the other animals POV, you decide.

For me it's about not giving up, that you have to just rise up, be strong and keep fighting regardless of the battle.

I am really proud of this song, I some new stuff I've never done before. I played a lead part, I actually played a few the outro is actually two different tries at a lead part that I thought worked nicely together so I just left one clean and used one distorted off in the background. I also switch BPMs in the song, it starts out at at 100, slows down to 85 BPMs at the bridge and gradually speeds back up from there.

I cut up some drum loops and programmed some of the cymbals but otherwise I am playing everything live. The "bass" is my Strat Squire pitch shifted, the rhythm and lead are the same guitar just run through different cabinet plug ins with effects on them.

I feel the weakest bit of this one would be my vocals, I had something more grand in mind for them but I had to inhale an antibiotic yesterday that wrecks my throat for a few days. I quick got the lead part done before I left yesterday but didn't have time for the vocals, not sure why I didn't do the vocals first knowing my throat would be shot today but it is what it is. I was only able to do one pass at the vocals and just left it at that. I have been working on this one for over a week and kind of just need to get the demo done and move on.


Verse: am C
Chorus: E F (ends on G)
Bridge: C am G

They tried to take our
Home away
It's now or never
And I say we stay

So rise up
And be strong
Rise up
This is where we belong

We tried to call out
To the ones who could see
This is truly
What we need

So rise up
And be strong
Rise up
This is where we belong

And I don't know
What we will do
There's is much
That we've been through

So rise up
And be strong
Rise up
This is where we belong

So rise up
And be strong
Rise up
This is where we belong

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anthemic statement delivered with powerful musicianship, it keeps building and erupting, building and erupting. i dont see anyone leaving the arena during this encore.

Yes, one of your best so far, well, so to speak, - great track. That phrase, one could write a thousand different songs of, for about. Great stuff. I like the direction your "sound", so to speak, is going. It crosses over the comment-feedback realm into the "like" realm, the second level of "like, sounds good", Wink hahhh, if understand what I try to communicate here.
- Great stuff.

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Excellent demo! I like the tempo change. Your vocals sound pretty darn good to me. I grew up with a bunch of cats, so I'm rooting for the cats.

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A bit different music bed here, like that guitar
and the build (a bit pretenderish) pretty anthemic really good!

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I LIKE the vocal in this--love how you are doing something so different from what you've been doing. And really succeeding.

Great job!

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This is really excellent! I didn't read your liner note before I started listening. I wish I could portray how happy hearing the solo come in on that tempo shift going into the bridge made me(pretty sure I let out an audibe cheer Biggrin ) LOVE the tempo change too, somewhat subtle in just a casual listen, but makes this great anthem of a song really feel like a roller coaster. Excellent work all around!

I can see why you feel the vocal is the weakest part of this, personally I don't see any weakness here, but if you ever do belt out an even more powerful version of this even after 50/90 please do let me know!

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I like how this builds and builds....I think it's a universal song and has that anthem feel to it. The music and vocal sounds fine to me....feels like come on, grab that power! Good work!

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Fantastic work on your assigned game! I love this anthem that fits for so many situations. Great work!

Mandolinda's picture

Such a strong entry into the game challenge. Very powerful voice and music, and your tale is fantastic.

Jyllian's picture

I love the delivery! Also the lyrics have that general but specific feel - a strong story without being confined to just one situation. Great write.

Serene's picture

This is badass. You were obviously very inspired. I love the fight in your voice. I personally think that the vocals are very strong. As Bill said it is anthemic! A call to arms.. yeah!!