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Liner Notes: 

Well, that's a downer. And none of the stuff I wanted to do really worked. It still counts toward 50.


Lifetime salary will suffice for a view of antiseptic walls
To find I’ve given half my time in exchange for nothing at all
Could I say it’s not okay?

Half my deeds and waking hours,
Given up for paper shares

I’ll hang on through the night, hoping not to go alone
Focus on the last spark of light, no faith to call me home
And it’s too late to win this fight
It’s still not alright

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What a classic intro! Love it! Yup if only we really reaped what we sowed!

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Wow! Love that intro riff that creates a sense of mystery and dark angst like an old time film noir movie. I love how it builds and sets the stage for the angst and frustration that comes through in the lyric.

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this has a cool doors sound that is perfect for the lyric. i can imagine morrison improvising along these lines in the middle of five to one.

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There are some really nice guitars on this – I like the moody riff, and the jangly high part, and that lead line is good too. I like the bleak lyric too.