Raspberries N' Cream Day

Raspberries N' Cream Day

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Liner Notes: 

Finally got my Rock Hands, and sorting out the hosting site once again.
Today is a day to celebrate my favourite fruit.Raspberries.


Raspberries n' Cream Day

C Enjoy fresh G berries n' C cream on August G 7th
During C National Rasp G berries N’ C Cream G Day.
With the C fresh raspberry G season in C in full G swing,
What a C better way to G celebrate C an G y C way?

F What should I G do to F cele G brate
F Raspberries N G Cream Day to C day?
F I can ex G plore F more reci G pes
To F savour them, G so many C ways.

C Preserving them in G jams and C jellies is G one way.
A C treat this time of G year is C raspberry G ice cream.
C Baked goods are G always a C family G favorite
But C eating berries fresh G picked C is my dream.

F Pick-your- G own, have a F farm ex G perience
F Enjoy the G warm, juicy C berries
F Popping in your G mouth on a F hot summer G day.
Later a F Rasp berry G Cream Cake C Layer

There are C more than G 200 C species of G raspberries.
They're C red, G purple, C gold and G black .
Use C them in vinai G grettes, and C condi G ments
Or C eat with a G beverage like cog C nac.

Just F enjoying the G raspberries
No F flipping of G birds, F hisses or G snorts!
C Ripe red G raspberries, C fresh to G day
They're C not just re G served for des C serts.

F Raspberries N' G Cream Day, F spread the G word.

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Huge fun, and also very informative. I had no idea that there were that many varieties! This stands testament to the power that music has to evoke sensations in any and all of the other senses. And dammit, now I want raspberries and cream...

And hooray for rock hands!

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The National Raspberry Council should license this from you, lol. I appreciate how educational you made this while keeping it bright and fun. Now I want some raspberries!

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This is really lovely. I agree about the Council grabbing this and running an ad campaign around it. You sell the dish so happily! I'm thinking I might go save some raspberries fromrotting on their stems in my garden and partake. The giggle is delightful too!
Thanks -as always- for your kind words earlier! Smile

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Reminded me of all those old fav folk songs. Hints of really well known song whose name escapes me.

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This is such a delicious song in all respects! I loved the details about berry and cream day and definitely want to celebrate it! The melody flows perfectly and your delivery is superb. Really delightful!

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Lots of vivid imagery here. Also texture and taste and smell! You hit all the senses.
As a result, of course I'm craving raspberry ANYTHING. Raspberry ice cream is my favorite thing to have them in...but when you mention them in their warm form...mmm that sounds great over some vanilla bean ice cream!
A happy light-hearted ode to something you obviously really love. It shows through.
This put me in a better mood.