New Age Colosseum

New Age Colosseum

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Liner Notes: 

This is more observational than anything else, but I often compare all that goes on today to the days of the Roman Empire. In this, I tried to create a hedonistic society centered around entertainment and hollow at the core. I may make a few changes as it's not meant to be directed to "you" personally but rather generally speaking.
The perspective in the writing is kind of like a game show host with a sarcastic attitude.


New Age Colosseum

It's the new age colosseum
Come tune in to the fight
While watching from a distance
To wet your appetite
A menu of channels
Feeds that inner beast
Entertainment is a God
On the table for the feast

It's the new age colosseum
Where empty gets your fill
Reaping pleasure from the pain
A high straight off the thrill
Where things perceived as good
Will now take a fall
On the TV, or the net
Oh lets all just have a ball

As long as it isn't you or me
Apathy is all ya see

It's the new age colosseum
Not too much has changed
People are still idiots
Some behavior deranged
Hedonism's star bright
In a one man show
Where ya simply flip a switch
Get off on where ya go

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Interesting you and I on the ancient pages today. My husband always said it was "Bread and Circus" to keep the masses happy in the days of Rome. Kinda' still the same with TV and Hollywood today and social handouts, all to stay in power. Yeah, same as it ever was. Nice write with lots of truths in there.

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i enjoyed the read. lots of acute observations and lines that read true.

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This is quite nice! Very vivid and sings off the page!

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Nice write. Like the juxtaposition of ancient empire with modern day political problems.

coolparadiso's picture

Yup funny how the more we change everything seems to cycle back around and be the same. Very good observational lyric.