I'd rather be listening

I'd rather be listening

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Liner Notes: 

Was writing a song and an orgy of gerunds broke out. I retooled it so this was a feature rather than a bug.

@mandolinda I liked the lyric when I read it weeks ago, came back, and now competed. Thanks for a lot of great reading and listening.


I'm not above pretending
That my dreams are sometimes boring
And the pearls are lacking wisdom in the thoughts inside my head
When I hear the people talking
All the talk that's fit for meaning
Finding diamonds in the rough streets, all the sage in what was said

And I get myself to thinking
That I rather would be listening
Yes, I rather would be listening
To them instead of me

Now they're coming down in writing
Shapeless clouds to letters forming
Filling pages with their scrawling, blacking pixels on a screen
Every syllable resounding
With an hollow clamour pounding
Killing empty space with blankness all so boring it's obscene


And there's other songs all lying
Waiting for your listening, vying
For the chance to be a better purpose of your precious time
Than the chaos culminating
In the music that you're hearing
And the life that you've been wasting tasting this frustrating rhyme


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I read this but actually it just sang itself. Good use of words really nice structure and an interesting view from the protagonist. I really like this one. If I wasn't away travelling I would ask to have a crack at this, its so darned good.

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Good lyrics, this will make a cool song, I hope someone takes up the challenge.

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That made me laugh...for some reason...when I got to the punchline. There's a lot to ponder here, a lot packed into the tiny space of the lyric. I do feel that we're surrounded by this hollow clamor pretty much all the time.

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Do you think about any instrument playing when you write lyrics? Do you have any idea of a melody to assist the writing? Like pauses for effect, or volume levels?

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Mandolinda's first question is an interesting one - I imagine this one as a piano/vocal song. Your way with words and phrases and rhymes make me want to try writing my lyrics in something other than the folk/blues way I usually do.

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I am still here listening. I have some music floating inside these lyrics. If I do a demo, how could I get it to you?

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What a delightful musical treatment! Very different from what I heard in my head.
I love the bounciness of the mandolin strum - wonderful lilting vocal, too. Great collab!