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Liner Notes: 

Haven't done something like this yet this year. So now I have...

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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That's a real chill atmospheric, nice enveloping mix of R/L arps, top line, bass/drum to the front and center "solo". Nicely crafted. Sounds great on my monitors.
Thanks again for your kindness. Smile

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What's not to like here. Catchy back music and a nice melody, then the pretty change up. Very enjoyable.

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That's really nice, interesting, tuneful, nicely developed. But maybe it could have hung around for longer? But perhaps short and sweet is best, I'm a bad judge.

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Nice bassline and bass sound used.
Really like how it opens up to more melodic stuff at :54; nice mix of hopeful with tension.
The bassline goes really nicely under it, too.
Nice arp bubbling underneath.
I was really getting into this.

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Gorgeously atmospheric. That skittery percussion loop bouncing around the stereo mix is great fun and I'm really enjoying that splendidly fat bass!