No time left

No time left

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Liner Notes: 

The nonet form with its gradual decline seems to suggest gloomy ideas. And so here is one that starts off reasonably cheerfully and descends into despair.


No time left

Long ago we seemed to have much time
To solve our difficult problems
So we put off trying to
And the time slipped away
Now we work so hard
Only to find
There is no
Time left

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I am so enjoying all your great jazzy piano tunes this year! Just make me smile!

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Really enjoying all your piano as well Wink

The nonet does really serve this nicely. It's very poignant in its brevity......especially given the subject matter! Another really great one!

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maye we are running out of time, but i can always make time to listen to your piano.

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Well done! I wondered how a nonet would work and I think you have it nailed.

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Depressing lyric but a beautiful bit of piano playing and you sound almost like Randy Newman here.