Your Frame

Your Frame

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Liner Notes: 

I'm assuming at some point amid the 50(ish?) songs I'll start writing things on keyboard that are keepable or coherent but I'm not there yet.


Talking to the TV set but it don’t answer
Stop me if you’ve heard the one about the ballet dancer
Cued up your favorite song but it don’t play like it did
Everything else went wrong so let the record skip

I’m just the picture behind the one in your frame
I’m just the ashes of yesterday’s burned out flame
I’m telling you living ain’t easy with skin in the game
I’m just the picture behind the one in your frame

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Well we all have different standards, so I can't speak to the keepableness, but this is definitely coherent. The keys come across here to me just as percussion, which is what I've always felt the piano is......... a very notey percussion instrument Biggrin You usually play guitar?

I love this lyric and the melody.......... really strong vocal too and that's what carries this, and I really enjoyed the keyboards just playing second fiddle to that.

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Your lyrics are really interesting and the music is fine. Even if you are not happy yet it's a darn good demo. I enjoyed it as it is!

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I feel like the lines, while taking me in different directions collectively, are really strong and say a lot about the state of mind of the main character and perhaps a relationship gone wrong. This reminds me of the landlord when I was a kid living in a trailer. He was a widower in his 70's, and a very jovial man who had no children or living siblings and lived in the upstairs of a two story trailer next door to the lot my parents rented. Five years later my parents sold that trailer and moved to a bigger lot and trailer. Some ten years later our former landlord asked my mom to help him with cooking meals and cleaning. Within a couple of years when I was away at college my parents and sister moved in to the downstairs and by default became his caretaker. As dementia set in and as he was transitioning to a different reality, he would talk to the television and pictures on the table.

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Really nice write Becky, says a lot is so few words. Love your keyboard playing, it's nice so no apologies needed.