The Letter

The Letter

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Liner Notes: 

I will let this one speak for itself.


He wrote me a letter one day it said
Im sorry i have to go
I didn’t understand the significance
But i was only 6 you know

V He said son be a brave boy
Look after your mum for me
This sickness has a hold now
So what will be will be

Pc They buried my hope the next Tuesday
Along with his broken life
All thats left now is a boy in tears
And a broken hearted wife

C We said things slowly got better
Everything we had tried
But people that knew us best
Could see that we both lied

V We both missed those simple things
Sometimes just a wink and a smile
And now that I’m am older
It seems better for a while

V they say you don’t miss things
That you have never had
But i miss them because i had a glimpse
Of having a caring dad

Pc I’m not sure if I’ve got things right
But when i was young i vowed
That i would try all my life
To make sure he would have been proud

C things did get better
after everything we had tried
But even after all this time
we wish he was still by our side

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the guitar in the back adds a lot to the mood balancing the funereal organ with a touch of hope. a sad song, to be sure, but with a few rays of light coming through.

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This speaks volumes - so powerful with emotion and so poignant with an honest heartfelt feel. Really moving. The gentle delivery tugs on my heart strings. A difficult story so well told.

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A nice tribute, very evocating. I'm sure many could relate.

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Heartbreaking story, a fine tribute.

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what a wonderful song to celebrate a wonderful man whos legacy lives on.

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An absolutely lovely tribute. Written (and sung) with simplicity and feeling.