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Liner Notes: 

Although I'm late to the skirmish. This came out in under 20 minutes.
It is a dialogue between 2 voices. So it would be great for a collab.


V! Get it right why don’t you
V2 Oh you don’t know how it goes
V1 yes I do my mama told me
v2 Maybe, but she had it wrong too
V1 And yours knew it better?
V2 Not really, I learned it from her grandma
maybe we should ask the priest
V1 Naw, he doesn’t know anything, he’s a recent convert
V2 Well then who does know?
V1 The Elders did but they’ve passed on now
V2 Did they train anyone to follow them?
V1 Sortta, but the guy’s a pervert, I don’t trust him either
V2 What can we do then?
V1 I guess we have to make it our own
V2 Is that allowed?
V1 Who’s to know any different?
V2 But will it work?
V1 Ah, well I’m not sure how we would know
now that you mention it
V2 Hmmm, So why are we doing this anyway?
V1 It’s a ritual !
V2 Oh yeah . . . wait, . . . huh?

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There was a radio talk show host that this reminded me of. I don't recall his name, but he would pretend to have guests on and he would play different voice roles talking or interacting with himself like two different people in a conversation and or argument when it was really just one person. lol That's kind of what this reminded me of though that may not have been the intention. lol

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I really like this. It's like overhearing half of a conversation in a restaurant or on the street and while it may sound mundane to you at its very core it's two people who could be questioning their very existence? .........or just talking about bread or something Wink

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I love the conversational quality of this and the universal appeal that I can relate to in the dialogue. Well done!

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Very nice take on the prompt, the conversational nature of the lyrics moves things along quite nice. Thanks for playing along!

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A very cool look at the why’s and wherefores of pomp and ceremony. The realisation that nobody really knows why is so true. A nice write.

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Ah thanks! Ritual was another one of those things that just popped out of my head quickly. Not sure that it could become a "song" though.