Creating Magic this Hour

Creating Magic this Hour

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Creating Magic this Hour
2021-08-02 Skirmish
TAGS: skirmish, songskirmish, s080221, feast, ritual

We gather together just like before
Repeating the ways of the past
Keeping the planet ever circling
Our sacred vow now has been cast

Meeting with same friends again
Voices rising ever in power
Coming back full circle once more
Creating magic this hour

You bring the chalice and I bring the wine
The cake, the blade, and the song
Repeating the words we repeated last year
To keep our community strong

Our lives will go on, and merry we’ve met
Merry parting, and meeting again
The dishes are cleared, the ritual over,
The regular world will now reign

By keeping tradition, we keep our grounding
We know where we are on this earth
We know that support is here for the asking
New promises now will give birth

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This is an excellent lyric. I really love the ambiguity the ritual here could be anything the listener wants it to be. Definitely a magical hour!

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You're were right, we went in completely different directions with the prompt.
This has a really good flow to the structure and performance. Very mellow and chilled. Nice to listen to.

Sunfire's picture

Lovely tune, good lyric. Enjoyed the listen.

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Wow, this is a beautiful take on the prompt. I would never have guessed that this was written so quickly, it feels much more purposeful. Really great skirmish, thanks for playing!

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I really love everything about this beautiful song. The lyrics are magical and inviting. The simple delivery is just perfect! Gorgeous!

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Hopefully, we are close to getting back to having meals together and rejoicing together safely. Your song brings hope.

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nice skirmish, you got a really whole sounding song in that hour. lovely sentiment in a folky package