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Liner Notes: 

A maudlin week, so here's a maudlin tune. Aberavon is a local, featureless beach bordered by a smelting works and a city. Sometimes you end up there and try and make the best of it, possibly questioning your life choices.

I picked notes F,G, A and D to make melodies (but forgot myself and added a sneaky E right at the end). These notes are also the basslines. I hope I didn't misunderstand the challenge.


Aberavon, Aberavon
The sand, the song

So long, so long

To the right, a city
People are so busy
To the left the flames
The flames

Fire in the sky, too red
Reminder of all that's failed, that's wrong
Fire hurts my eyes, so red
Red as everything left undone

Fire in the sky

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This instantly establishes an intensely atmospheric mood. It has a cinematic feel to it, full of foreboding. "The flames / The flames" really develops a sense of things being if not outright threatening, certainly not heading in a good direction. The organ accompaniment reminds me of Philip Glass's music for Koyaanisqatsi, which ramps up the "life out of balance" theme still more. Really like what you've done here.

And the Bristol Channel has so many bleak industrial hellscapes to spark the inspiration, doesn't it? I worked next to the steelworks at Newport for a while...

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people are now speaking in the sorrowful language of the birds and beasts. words are no longer sufficient to express the sadness.

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So desolate yet beautiful. Your voice is haunting. Quite mesmerizing - I know you're describing a real place, but this sounds like the soundtrack to a dream.

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Certainly it captures that bleak feel. I think smelter towns are similar world wide. Nicely done.

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The melody that kicks in just before 3 mins .. the fire in the sky bit and that whole section is just gorgeous... My favourite part!

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Hauntingly beautiful! I’m so glad I came across this tune. Is it weird to say your vocals at one point reminded me of a duduk? Ambient, atmospheric, glorious!

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Hello Hev, I write as a fellow noob here .. ..and I'm constantly amazed by how much I enjoy listening to people's stuff on this forum, your tune here is no different, a really great introduction to you (I will listen to your other stuff and watchlist you!) plus this is something very different to anything I listened to on FAWM , it is a sound I hear in my head when I read other people's lyrics as well. I do love what you have produced here, the vibe, the feel, what they emote , I love the subtle driving bassline especially, and how you took the challenge on. Good luck with the challenge!

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Ooh I liked the darkness in this. The organ took me back to St David’s cathedral (I grew up in Pembrokeshire). Good mix of textures! I love your voice!

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Wow, so atmospheric, love the production! That single note bass is just so bloody oppressive, really sets the mood and complements the lyrics. The ‘flames’ lines are wonderful poetry, not sure if there’s a conscious echo of other fires in other parts of the world, but it makes the song feel at once grounded in a specific location and yet universal, which is a neat trick!