New Business

New Business

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Liner Notes: 

I wrote a version of this song a few years ago. This is the same set up with a slightly different rhyme scheme/meoldy/chord progression. Because of the altered chord progression and because I can't find the original, I'm pretty sure the verses are all completely different. The idea is to make a song with a formulaic verse so that you can come up with new ones and change them out from time to time, or invite other people to create their own and participate in the song.

The premise comes from some behind the scenes hijinks between Catherine Tate and David Tennant on her comedy show that I saw a video of once on YouTube.


I started a new occupation.
I think that it's going quite well
But things get quite hectic I go apoplectic
New businesses sure can be hell

I started a bakery business
My friends as me "how does it go?"
You may find it surprising my profits are rising
I find myself rolling in dough

I've started a business in cheeses
My product is well worth the wait
I sell them pre shredded. I'll never regret it
My customers think that I'm grate

I started a carpentry business
But everyone thought that I'd fail
Turns out that I'm grander at saws and at hammers
I think that I've got this thing nailed

I started a business in tree care
This might not have been a great route
To put it quite brief my clients all leaf
I think that it's time to branch out

I've started a rock climbing business
My efforts came to no avail
I just couldn't keep paying wages so steep
I pay all my employees to scale

I started a business in fishing
It's better the deeper I get
And all my net gains are going insane
Quite frankly it's getting me wet.

I started a new occupation.
I think that it's going quite well
But things get quite hectic I go apoplectic
New businesses sure can be hell

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A fistful of dad jokes rolled up, ala Wobbie! With a very You delivery and that bom bom bom bom chattering away at the back. Clever fun!

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your clever word play has me spilling coffee all over myself this morning. thanks for the laughs.

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Excellent. Really clever lyrics and puns. I'm so impressed that you have performed a very engaging song with such a minimalist arrangement. That is very impressive.

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Delightful - so many good jokes! And the musical soundtrack is catchy and fittingly carnival-esque. I like the fun in your vocal, too!

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Brilliant! Such clever words. Nice work, I'm jealous! Actually, when I write something like this my wife just rolls her eyes at me.

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Hah! As an entrepreneuse, I'm particularly amused by this. Such clever wordplay here. Each verse could be the start of its own song!