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Liner Notes: 

This is the third in a series of collaborations with my injured bandmate Rick Ramsey. Since his head injury he can't sleep so he comes up with ideas like this.


If you hear a politician you’ll get “poly-itchin”
The way to your submission come(s) from politician
Got to shun the itchin’ shun the itchin’
Like they shun the issue. Gotta shun the itchin’ or you’ll get “Poly-itchin”

If they are selling hats of red, to those willing to be misled
and say they’d rather see you dead than make a compromise,
Then you know that you are dealing with a group hell bent on stealing
everything and leave you feeling like the wool got pulled over your eyes.

If you hear a politician lying about all the people that are dying
from a pandemic they are trying to pretend they haven’t spread.
Using sinister misdirection, blaming innocents for infection,
downplaying vaccine protection, while they refuse to accurately count the dead.

Obstructionists, seditionists, sycophants and grifters,
Psychopaths, rapists, traitors and shape shifters
Conspiracy mongers, fanatics, racists, and thieves
Corporate tools and religious nuts, and not a one of them with any guts

If they are getting all outraged over scenarios that they staged
to hide the messes that they made all the while lying without shame.
And they refuse to stay on topic when show incriminating optics
of just how dumb and myopic they have been while trying to shift the blame.

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So... tell me how you really feel. I get the impression that you're holding back here. /s

Sorry to hear your friend is injured, but the silver lining is certainly collabs like these. The punk rock vibe is a perfect fit and your lyrics are quite effective. Bonus points for using "myopic"!

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Yeah I guess it is a bit subdued. Sometimes rage rock is the thing, but I think we're in a post rage society where we've become a bit numb to all the many affronts to our sanity and decency.
Thanks for giving it a listen!

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this sounds like public image americanized by the B52s ..love the word play

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"If you hear a politician you’ll get “poly-itchin” is a great line and I love that you opened right up with it. I agree with Bill, there is a bit of a B52s feel to this. The song is biting and pulls no punches but also shows restraint. Nice work to both of you on this!

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Read the lyrics first - lots of sharp wordplay. I was wondering how you'd fit it all to music.
And you laid down quite an insistent groove - lots of sharp instrument sounds. Inspired collab!