Upside Down

Upside Down

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Liner Notes: 


TITLE/THEME PROMPT: "UPSIDE DOWN" - Extra credit points if you notate your music, and have a melody line right side up, and turn the staff upside down for a different melody line.


I can’t speak for all the words come spilling off my tongue
I’ve got a lot of raw experience in failure for someone so young
And practiced in the art of mixing calculus with grief if there’s a
Passion of the nervous daft, I’ll be their commander in chief

Firing on all cylinders while crawling on all fours
I’m gonna meet you halfway to the street I’m blowing out the doors
I’ll see you seven ways from Sunday best be trying hard to keep
Me outa sifting through your nightmares you can wake up when I sleep

I’m not so upside down I can’t still see the sun
I’m not so turned around I’m too dizzy to run
And I’m not so inside out that you could take my heart
I may be coming all to pieces, but I won't come apart

I’ll be going sideways when you push straight aside
All of my brothers and my sisters come defend this only child
I will meet all the lions in the arena of your choice
When the sun sets on the morning you can hear this in my voice

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Such a cool counterpoint between the single guitar lines and voice, sounds great. Then I like when you add the arpeggiated chord lines later on in the song. The fast pace of the lyric works well too, and to me an excellent pay-off with the "and I'm not so inside out that you can take my heart" line.

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The guitar starts a minimal then the second guitar really adds to the music and is complemented by the solo at the end. . The lyrics are exceptional, this is very, very impressive for a one hour skirmish. There are so many good lines, my favourite one is 'Firing on all cylinders while crawling on all fours'

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wow, this is impressive on many levels- love that insistent vocal phrasing that really gives the intense lyric even more intensity, the guitar accompaniment is really unique and creative, and this has a really interesitng message.... nice instrumental work, too!

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What's not to love about this. Love the way the second guitar comes in for the chorus. The lyrics are so well done. Then there's the neat little solo at the end. Such a cool write...

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Loving the juxtaposition of the simple guitar line and increasingly frantic lyrics, then the layering of guitars that join in the frenzy. I particularly enjoyed how contradictory your lyrics are. Well done.

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Oh that chorus is an earworm and great guitar work. Supercrafted lyric evoking a lot of imagery. Well done!

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I like your approach to the skirmish theme. Vocals, guitar and lyric all work well together. Different and enjoyable to listen to.

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this is great. the guitar parts are so engaging. the chorus is so catchy. what a fantastic skirmish! solo and everything! well done.

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i would need oxygen to have done that vox . love the balance between instruments and that fired out lyric

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Very interesting to hear. The instrumental part focuses my attention on the words being spoken. Very cool

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Wow! I dig the guitar interplay so much, and I love how the super lyrics come tumbling out of your mouth. So cool!

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This song starts out with a bang, "I’ve got a lot of raw experience in failure for someone so young" is a genius line! There is an art rock feel to this that I LOVE! Really nice work with the prompt and a solid song, skirmish or not.

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Yo Mike, you had me with.. 'the art of mixing calculus with grief' - SUCH a cool contrast, really takes me back to my teenage years, (thankfully at least the calculous ended then! ) Then follows a lot of great lines, I mean .. really great writing, and you pull it off so well in the performance. Proper Wow Smile A gem.