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Liner Notes: 

Done for the "Return of the Nonet" challenge ( I had to do two nonets in order to make a song, but pretty happy with it


The city sleeps but dreams are fading
Expectations lie in fragments
While God watches from on high
People move in tangents
No matter of time
It’s about space
And we rise
At last

The city rises from its slumber
God snorts and changes the channel
Nobody cares for reruns
The devil has the conn
No matter the time
It’s about space
And we fall

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I didn't know what a nonet was 'till now, It turned out pretty good. I liked it!

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Thanks for accepting the Nonet Challenge! I really like this one; has a vaguely Neil Young vibe to it. The two lead guitar lines in the breaks were fun!

"God snorts and changes the channel" is just such a superb line. There's a whole story in just those six words...

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the opposites in the two nonets create a feeling of futility for the future of humanity, and the guitar parts conecting them bridge the music but not the gap. awake or asleep, we are just repeating ourselves and the universe is bored with us. this is a strong piece of existential angst.