What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

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Liner Notes: 

This is my response to the question I was assigned for the "questions about me challenge" hosted by Amanda Rose Riley.

My question was: "If you saw a unicorn in the middle of the woods, what would you do?"

It's funny because right before I received my question, like a day or two just prior to receiving the question, I was on my regular morning speed walk, in the hilly/mountainous and well wooded community I live in and seeing animals like deer, black bear, foxes, an ocassional bob cat and many others is not uncommon.
They like it quiet just like me, however that morning I just mentioned above I saw a white tailed deer, common to the area but the only thing that really got my attention focus was this was a white deer, and he was a buck with antlers. Had a few brown spots on his back but all white and so when I was assigned the question about what would you do if you saw a unicorn it made me think back to the encounter with the all white deer I saw that day. In my lyric below I decided to go with the fictious unicorn but the thought was there to write about the deer instead. I think this unicorn based lyric was probably more fun, although I was awe struck at seeing an albino deer. Never saw one before. Any way..........

I envision country.

Thank you Amanda for creating the challenge and thanks for the question.

Anyone not familair with "Mr. Ed" menioned in the lyric? Mr. Ed was a TV show (way, way before my time too) but the show was a sitcom about a talking horse.
In the show, the horses mouth moved and it looked like he talked of course with a human voice.

Oh and for the record, I don't drink, but that'll make more sense as to why I said that after reading the lyric. lol


What Would You Do?

What would you do
If ya saw something freaky ooh ooh
Like a unicorn in the woods
Well, I'd stand there in awe
Staring at what I just saw
Wondering if what's in my head is all good

What would you do?
If It began to talk ooh ooh
Said hey my cousin's Mr. Ed
Heck, I'd swallow my tongue
Worried I stepped in its dung
Oh it's encounters like these I dread

Hmm I think it's manure not dung
Aah must be the bourbon

What would you do?
If it started to fly ooh ooh
Reckon I'd keep my big mouth shut
Now, my eyes never lie
Though my heart and mind ask why
Why it is I'm becoming a nut

Mm! Time to put that bottle down, son

Sunfire © 2021

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Ha! Creative and ty hats so cool about you seeing the white deer! Enjoyed this one!

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The "ooh oohs" are great. Gives it an extra light, fun feel. "Oh, it's encounters like these I dread" is a funny line! Like you've thought before, hey, I hope I never step in a unicorn's dung! That's cool about the white deer and the wonder of it all. You could always write another one giving him center stage if it inspires you! Good job on the challenge.

Amanda Rose Riley's picture

Haha great, clever lyric and use of the prompt. It's so weird that you saw an albino deer a few days before! Other than country or folk, I could actually see this as a tongue-in-cheek pop or hip hop song lol.

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Nice write SunFire. Yeah, totally agree you might think you were hallucinating or an acid trip. Ha! Good take on the challenge and the albino deer is a possibility.

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Very conversational lyric that leaves room for multiple voices and lots of musical interpretation. Nice rise to your challenge.

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I like this a lot. I've seen lots of weird stuff, but yeah usually keep my mouth shut about it Biggrin

I do have a picture of an albino deer though Biggrin It was a fawn so no idea if male or female, while still pretty rare they're probably a little more common than a lot of people think, especially white tails. To see a full grown one, or at least old enough to have his rack is super rare though as they don't blend into their surroundings very well and are usually picked off by coyotes/wolves/whatever fairly young.

I do like the conversation with yourself feel about this. It adds to the unreliable narrator aspect Biggrin