My Head Is On Wrong

My Head Is On Wrong

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The Mortal Taint - My Head Is On Wrong

Liner Notes: 

I started writing this before I decided I was going to do videos for every song and post them on Youtube. So I haven't got a full video here. Instead, I've got some screencap from my unfinished Unreal Engine project. So yeah, it probably doesn't make a lot of sense.

I'm going for a bit more of a heavier sound here, with some overdriven guitar.


My head is on wrong
And I can't think straight
I've been here so long
I can no longer relate

There maybe another world
Beyond these four walls
But if that world is gone
I might not know
I can't see
Cos my head is on wrong

My head is on wrong
Cos I haven't been outside
I don't see anyone
Cos everyone is shut away

Will reality return?
Or is this how it's always been?
Does my memory deceive?
Because my head's on wrong

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At least its given you some inspiration, hopefully not too much longer! Turning dicey up here now! Nice drive on this!

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Nice, simple lyrics built around a solid concept that stays consistent throughout the song. Also, I liked the overdriven guitar on this one!