Heaven's Sake

Heaven's Sake

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Liner Notes: 

The predator as showman relies heavily on his cast


Heaven’s sake don’t shake don’t you know
We’re gonna make it now
It’s notta fake we take here below
For all the gods allow

And how! You oughta know
Somehow so we can show
A very good return on our stake
Lean into the burn and don’t shake

Honor the cent repent don’t you know
If’n the sun can rise
Take what is meant get bent time to go
You better realize

And how
Oh and how
Oh but how don’t you see what’s right in front of your eyes
we’ll get in the clear, try this on for

Size up the chance, go dance, do si do
Take a commitment poll
Take an advance, bet it all in one go
Baby we’re on a roll

And how
Oh and how
We could blow through the ceiling now just believe me

What do you care how?
When I’ve got a feeling, the world is just free for but

For heaven’s sake don’t shake don’t you know
Not while we’re on the stage
Keep your mind blank, it’s time for the show
Gotta get on the page

Take up the dance, no chance, do si do
Kick up your twinkletoes
Gotta romance, enhance what’s on show
Sell it now here we go

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the many different rhythmic variations you employ throughout all work together to good effect. and i love it when you go into those stacatto vocals

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Not what I was expecting by the title but quite intriguing!