Numbers Game

Numbers Game

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Liner Notes: 

My buddy Nick (MikeTangoCharlie on Twitch) challenged me to write a song based on the Fibonacci series. And my pal David (ArrayOfEmotions on Twitch) quickly added that the band Tool have already done exactly this with their song Lateralus (there's a YouTube video about just how crazily they went for it, which is well worth watching: )

The Fibonacci series is created by adding together the two previous numbers of the series, so it progresses 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34... I've used it as a requirement for the number of syllables in each line of the lyrics.

Just remember: the value of your investments can go down as well as up.


1 They
1 play
2 roulette
3 Don't forget
5 it's your money that
8 they're using when they raise the stakes

13 They've rigged the game for those insane profits that they make

1 Watch
1 your
2 numbers
3 See them rise
5 They can also fall
8 It's not magic, it's statistics
13 Don't be tragic; ditch the mystics or you'll lose it all

1 No
1 bread
2 is left
3 on the shelves
5 They just help themselves
8 The line they take: "let them eat cake"

1 We're
1 poor
2 Same game
3 as before:
5 They keep taking more
8 Each time we make the same mistake

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Very clever !!!!! And you even got a really good song out of it !
Loved the lyrics and the vocal treatment fitted the words well too.

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very nicely done! great prompt... maybe another challenge here. the music is great really driving .. i really like It's not magic, it's statistics. very cool and clever song

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Clever write! Intriguing chord changes… love them!

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Really cool how you used the Fibonacci sequence! I watched some of the video about Tool that you linked to and was impressed that you made fitting your syllables into those constraints just as effortless and unobtrusive as they did. Very cool idea!

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One is.
Progressive guitar.
Tight write and solid production.
On point and topical how the game never changes.

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I love the dark sound and feel to this one, Chris. And I love the mathematical game you've played with the lyrics! *wild applause*

(Also, my dad, an accountant, taught me always to remember that the markets are a game of risk, even at the best of times.)

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Very intelligent write and enjoyable listen!

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Great guitars, great drums, great bass, great vocal. So pretty great, production-wise. I love the provenance of the song - it's a really tough brief and you've made something amazing out of it. Hope your mates enjoyed it!

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Cool rocking sound and creative syllable sequence! This turned out great! Good message reminder too!