Forewarned is forearmed

Forewarned is forearmed

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Liner Notes: 

Yet another song about the conspiracy theory mindset. Wonder why I'm preoccupied with this lately.

Adding in my response to Bill's comment (thanks Bill!)

The target of "Forewarned is Forearmed" is me. I'm also deep in the forest of conspiracies and rumors, unable to tell what's reliable. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that there are people out to get me (my money, my vote, my compliance... something I wouldn't give willingly in any case), and that I don't know where all or even most of them are coming from. "It's not a question of whether you're paranoid, it's a question of whether you're paranoid enough". That way surely lies madness, but since I'm not going to accept inaction and passivity, I'm just as certainly a tool for some factor I didn't account for, creeping through the jungle and jumping at shadows. Hungry for every fragmentary piece of information I receive, but obliquely aware that most of it is disinformation planted to mislead me. And I can't tell the difference.

We're all mad here. And here is everywhere


Inch by inch, mile by mile, creeping through the brush
But once the fire and fury comes, first a whisper, than as a rush

Find a hollow, find a hole, keep out of the rain
Breathe easy and keep control, life is turmoil, life is change
Take a sight and wait a beat, welcome come what will
Hear the roaring of the heat, death is silence, death is still

I dreamt I saw from high above, a field fat with wheat
And I came down to do my part, thrust in my hand and reap
I cut down many tender plants, head bowed in work and shame
But when I raised my eyes again, the sun-baked field erupted in flame

Raise a standard, raise a cry, witness the extreme
Don’t pause to reason why, our lives flow now just as a dream
Walk through these burning lands, the people dead or gone
Like the slaughter to a lamb, they couldn’t see it come

What you don’t know, what you can’t even conceive
And the chances that creates
Invest your fear in what can’t be believed

The blind where the enemy waits
So start at shadows, fire at phantoms, listen for alarms
Forewarned is Forearmed

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you put a lot of energy and passion into this song, but the targets are unclear. youe line about dreamig it from high above may be a key to this. as the song erupts like a dream, filled with strong but elusive images.. i understand that republicans are being deined by the democrats as conspiracy theorists, but to me thats just party politics. both sides are hurling big lies at the american people, and a conspiracy exists whenever more than one person is involved in a single act.there was definitely a conspiracy against the warren, sanders. and gabbard by members of the dnc to give the nomination to biden, who went from 5th to 1st place after bloomberg was brought into the race. that is where the election fraud happened...within the democratic party during the primary. they knew that any candidate, however weak, would defeat trump, and there is no doubt in my mind that biden did defeat trump. just as bush defeated gore in 2000, when the democrats promoted a similar theory arguing election fraud and that gore was actually the winner. in any close race, the loser has challenged the outcome. here where i ive in peru, the presidency was won by less than.hald of one percent. and the loser fought the decision for six weeks before the new president was finally sworn in. and after that she used the meia her party controlled to call for a coup d tat. my point in all this rambling is simply to ask who the specific target is in your song, as it could apply to just about anyone in certain circumstances. remember when anyone who disbelieved the warren report on the jfk assassination was pegged as a radical, insane conspiracy theorist. oh, and courtney love really did pay someone to murder her husband, really. she did. someday everyone will know that. ;ong after she is dead and gone and those close to the facts are not afraid to speak out.

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Sure aint easy, yes logic helps, sometimes you just have to go with your feelings, those feelings that are made up of all your past and learnings, yup you can still be wrong. Very thought provoking