Cowboy's Die [REVISED 20Aug feat: Anaezia from Nepal]

Cowboy's Die [REVISED 20Aug feat: Anaezia from Nepal]

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Added Backup Vocal 20Aug'21: Anaezia from Nepal


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your version predates the first recorded version, it is a re-imaging of the song before the melody began to what used to be called shape singing.

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shape note singing is still being taught. i took classes in it when studying madrigals.

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I like the driving rhythm from the guitar and vocal. The song is very touching, it's sparse but complete. Another very good addition to your Cowboy Trails collection.

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Really like this one Usta, you are very good at re using and remolding stuff ! Very nice

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Another really great addition to the cowboy songs. Nobody "famous" and I can't remember who now even, but I have heard a version of this done as well it seems, was probably my uncle or one of the various bands he's been in/around and did have a different melody. They probably just had the same book Wink

Hahh, thanks - it's an otherwise long song; so condensing it seems to be the "thing" with these. So, you didn't "get" the last verse? before ending chorus. Smile

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Nope just still mad about not finding any gold in that grave Biggrin No I didn't even catch that. LOL I almost never "hear" actual lyrics.

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I don't know why but i want to hum in the background for this song. Like ohhh ohh ohhh hehe.

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This has a good melody to it and a story that keeps the pacing engaged, chorus has a strong hook as well!