Another Excuse

Another Excuse

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The Mortal Taint - Another Excuse

Liner Notes: 

Busting out my 12 string acoustic for this one. Aaaand it's another song about lockdown. Because that's really the only thing that's happening in Sydney right now.


Another week gone again
And nothing was done again
Just more of the same
We play the same old games

And things keep getting worse
Nothing fixed, all efforts cursed
While we shift the blame
And while we fan those flames

Another excuse is found again
Another excuse to do nothing

And in the days to come
Lives spent and nothing done
We may regret those years
We were ruled by fear

Another excuse is found again
Another excuse to do nothing
And it's too late to do anything
Far too late to save anything

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I hear things are pretty bad over there right now. It's a shame, because for a while it really looked like you'd managed to avoid the mess that we got ourselves in (and our government has pretty much given up; they've run out of juicy contracts to give all their mates, so now they're just letting everything run rampant so they can blame the public for not acting responsibly.)

It's the drums on this that are the heart of things for me. I always find it easier to come up with cool guitar parts (like you have here) when I've got the backing right.

You need to have a word with your audio mixer, though. I don't think they're fully engaged with the job. (That was a lovely, unexpected surprise!)