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Liner Notes: 

A few weeks back I was I had made a note to do the It took me a while to get around to it because of my work load. I chose Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes (he's one of my favorite authors). Though the poem is about the ever-present tension of racial inequities, I decided to take another approach to it and think of how the Creatives are denied many opportunities for various reasons. I know many of my musician buddies have struggled mightily to break into the industry and I have artist associates who get denied opportunities to do shows or get promised opportunities only to see them not fulfilled.

*Shrike Abyssal is a desolate solar system in the world of Mass Effect.

Once again, I big thank you to @cola for offering assistance with vocals. With the exception of one plug-in, all the FX were done with Presonus stock plug-ins. I'm loving the MT Power Drums virtual instruments though I miss messing around with my Linn Drum patches. The mix is ok for now, and I do plan on going back over this one at some point. Please enjoy the jelly!


They say they sent the memo
And promised us a demo
But it never ever gets 2 us

They say we’re on the roll call
And we’re gonna get a phone call
But they never ever get 2 us

They say we’re something special
Yet we’re still in Shrike Abyssal
And nobody ever speaks 2 us


The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers
The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers

They say we’ll ride in limos
Write us checks with lots of zeros
Yet we still have 2 take the bus

They say they got the latest
Better yet could be the greatest
But they still think less of us

They tell us 2 B patient
There’s a promise 4 the waitin’
Yet we’re still left in the dust

They tell us, and they tell us
Keep on movin’, keep your head up
But they know we never will catch up

The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers
The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers
The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers
The Nevers, the Nevers, the Nevers, The Nevers

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Sounds like some cool 60s musical - I can see the singer and dancers, the choreography, costumes, and set! This is awesome! So clever!

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Not exactly the same as the music of Lambert, Hendrick & Ross but it makes me think of them. Well done!

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a universal conundrum. ive had friends in development for three years, then dropped..others who succeeded in getting an appointment ater two years of telephoning...even jeff buckley, after his irst very successful album, had all subsequent projects rejected ecause the people in charge didnt feel the recordings were right for him. it used to be that you needd a new hit record ever few months and a new album once a year. now they stretch that first album into five years because if the second one fails the money machine is dead. one headlight by the wallflowers wwas in perpetual rotation for over five years on the countrys major FM stations. small labels are worse than the big ones, as they wont sign you unless already have a folloiwing and tour constantly. the music industry needs one of those three trillion dollar bailouts to replace the dead wood of the past and let the nevers in.

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Oh man, some good jelly here...The musical vibe is ripe. Smothered in the sound of horns, bass, percussion and vocal jam. Excellent collaboration. Those darn Nevers seem to be everywhere. Hard to get away from them. Well done you two!

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Yes, not much justice at times, plenty of forked tongues! You just have to fit the narrow mould! Well said and done

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I love this vibe! Lounge is absolutely right and it grooves so good. The flow of the lyrics sounds perfect with the music. So playful. The Nevers! This is a compelling track all around Smile

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Cool. love, that bass, the vocals, well everything really. Excellent.

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Man you just keep rolling out the Jelly this year. That little trumpet fill grabbed me, as did the glock line behind the vocals on the verse. Nice touches! Great Collab!

See You In The Shadows…

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So hip! Great concept delivered with great skill and style. Very cool. Enjoyed my listen much. All excellent, but the "cha's" really tickled my fancy. Good stuff.

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Kudos for the Mass Effect ref.

I don't have much exp listening to lounge, but this is superb as far as I'm concerned.
The music is perfect.
The mix is, too. Loving the panning on the drums - congas/bongos right and left, ride right, etc...such a good stereo mix in my headphones.
The two voices mesh so nicely, quite pleasing to the ear.
Whoever's blowing that sax needs a tip of the hat.
These are great lyrics and quite relatable for many here in the community. Love the rhyming scheme. I was into poetry for a hot second back in the day and I remember reading a lot of Langston Hughes...can't remember a word anymore. But quite cool to take a poem and shape it into this.
Lots of different dynamics to this both vocally and musically, just all very engaging.
And oh yeah, it sounds friggin great.
Another awesome team-up for you too.

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Love the clever wordplay/rhyming--and a really nice arrangement in the background.

Nice work! Do more like this!! Wink

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Biggrin Mass Effect references are always a win for me! The funky lounge music is strong in this one! Sounds amazing as does both of your vocals together. It doesn't sound like anything of theirs perse, but I get big Architecture in Helsinki vibes from this(a huge compliment from me) one of my favorite bands to of come around in the last 20 years. Another really great and catchy hook, really great work all around!

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What a spot on lyric and wonderful delivery. I love the jazzy feel and the instrument layers. A great vibe! And the vocal collaboration is marvelous - such clarity and great sound together. Love the feel and the insight in this song. Fabulous collaboration!

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This has a cool vibe to it and I can see it being performed as someone else also mentioned. The lyric is catchy and has great rhythm and rhymes. The vocals sound great together too. And the music is really entertaining! So well done!

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Ahhh, what happens to a Dream Deferred? Does it explode............Love how you focused on what happens when you put your dreams on hold. "The Nevers' chant is awesome and the general genre of this is so perfect. A wonderful production and inspiration and thank you for taking the Poetry prompt challenge!!