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Liner Notes: 

I had some surgery at the start of 50/90 so I'm a very late starter and I still don't have tons of energy or the ability to sit upright for long periods. Which is all a way of saying that I'm not sure how or what I'm going to do this 50/90 but I'm going to see what happens. I have never written before on piano and I also barely play piano but I got a keyboard recently so I thought I'd start by trying to write a lot of short songs on the keyboard. I'm hoping it pushes me to be creative in new ways without overly taxing my body as I recover.

Which is all a preamble to saying this one is not very good but I'm happy I've started and happy I've written my first-ever song on a keyboard.


I used to be sharp as starlight
Rolling around with the FM on
Honey when you left me at the edge of midnight
I was gone

I walk the palisades, I walk the basin
Looking for answers on the billboard signs
But everywhere’s just a new contagion
Nothing shines

And every place I go looks hungover
Nothing fits right on me
All the birds tick tock through the water clover, free

What have you done to my open heart Timothy?

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I'm feeling this way, except Timothy is just Life instead.
These lyrics resonate with me in a way you probably didn't intend them.
To me, the tone of that specific sound choice on your keyboard, your awesome voice and vocal melody, and these lyrics...it all works in a wonderful way. I was captivated by the vocals against that keyboard tone. That happy bright and kinda old school keyboard tone with your somewhat soulful voice singing these melancholy lyrics.
This was a great listen, one of my favorite things I've heard this year.

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Good to get on the board! Its a really good lyric. Real potential here! I like the whole song.

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My spirit lit up when I saw this song on the board! Loving the expressive keyboard explorations and I feel like this maybe took the melody in a new direction. I have all sorts of fun with my 25 key used $25 MIDI keyboard. To me every lyric line is solid, rhymes that Sammy Cahn would be proud of, and I sense that there is a lot more to this story. I for one am hopeful to hear more of it when recovery and energy levels permit Smile .

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i remember nights like this. walking the city, wondering what went wrong. excellent evocation of such nights.

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Nice to see you back and writing again. Always enjoyed your writes. This one has a lot of reflections and visuals. Lovely.

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Sorry to hear you've had a tough year, Becky; I'm glad you're still writing. That last line really sells this: the past couple of years feel like Timothy has been wreaking havoc on *everyone's" lives. "Everywhere's just a new contagion" is a lyric that most likely wouldn't have made sense three years ago but now I just sit and nod appreciatively. And sigh. What strange times these are.

And welcome to the keyboard club. Be warned; it's not always easy to just stop at one. And then you discover that if your keyboard has MIDI, you can plug it into your computer to drive virtual instruments (or full orchestras) with it, and down the rabbit hole we go!

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This is amazing, wonderful, and really hits both emotionally and musically. You say you 'don't play keyboard' but you have an intuitive knowledge of some fairly advanced chords there (I wish i had some of those keyboard chops, actually) and your melodic sense really makes this sing. Lyric is fantastic, the images, the rhymes, everything. I love this! (and feel better!)