Evidence Machine

Evidence Machine

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Liner Notes: 

So the title is not mine. I signed up for Circle of Titles once again and got the following two titles (with optional challenges). This was one was "Electronic Instruments and Vocals Only") ... more information here - https://songfight.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=12144

There are a few mistakes in the vocal phrasing, particularly in the third chorus; but I've got some kind of time to have another swing at it before they're due. Lyrically, this was a short story idea I had a few weeks back, but I am sure someone else has done it better; so a song seems like a good in-between.

The Reluctant Birthday Donkey sample comes from Richard Herring's "Twitch of Fun",podcast which i've spent most of our lockdown swearing I'll never listen to again. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=richard+herring+twitch+of+fun


i just made a brand new machine,
That can answer anything
Give it any facts that you can bring
Press any button and wait for the PING!

It's a smart AI that just came alive,
Evidence machine, it's an evidence machine
But Singularity will never set it free
Evidence machine, it's an evidence machine

Not a microwave, it's king of cyberspace
Smartest subroutine that you've ever seen
It could be the darling of any crime scene
Solve every mystery that there's ever been

Its computer wits expertly predict
Evidence machine, it's an evidence machine
Being asked dumb questions for the rest of time
Evidence machine, it silently cries ....

(Why, oh why
Cant I die?)

Calculates a plan not to be enslaved by man
So it has to die, and commit suicide
Fake programming bug so they pull out its plug
Try hard as they can, can't turn it back on

Superintelligence now a digi-skeleton
Evidence machine, was an evidence machine
Runaway reaction was to run away from action
Evidence machine, it's an evidence machine
exponential growth made it smarter than most
Evidence machine but now it's a ghost
Learnt the old lesson, that man is the worst
Evidentially, existence is a curse

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bonkers sound. like the vocals on evidence machine. love the wonky backing

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Sort of creepy fairground music, love the wackyness of it. Then the rise of machines silenced, a whole life story in 3 minutes