Adversary [REVISED 19Aug: Feat. Anaezia backing vocals]

Adversary [REVISED 19Aug: Feat. Anaezia backing vocals]

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~ ~ ~ REVISED 19August2021: featuring Anaezia, backing vocals ~ ~ ~

Well, on this rare occasion for me, - Sunfire (alias) prior to finishing the lyric asked if I'd consider the lyric, if not, no problem.

- And so, yes:
There is something there!

I asked my usual, "why me?" and etc. - for me, it's important for a number of reasons.

So, as I lived with it across these short few days, this, what I call "framing", - came up. I think of, some, demo's as "story boards" to cut up and rearrange even (some, not all), - as that may happen. So, with all that, this is what formed from itself.

So, I then, prior to posting, - read the accumulated comments; and me, not commenting on content then, - I actually feel the song is about not having an adversary, - not that it is inevitable, I really don't believe that it is inevitable, or "human nature", - no.
- My life experience to date has been that a conflict occurs only if one really really really wants one, no matter what the attacked side does. I can't make anyone be "my friend" or not "hate me", - they choose to expend that energy and do so. We only have control over how we react. (Individual, organisation, country, et alia.)

- I've actually interviewed, or rather, interrogated a few certifiable "asheholes" in relevant context, (countries are made up of individuals), and never once when asked,
~~ "did you realize what you were doing, proactively, or only came to realize it later when someone pointed out?" The answer, always, was, "of course I knew, why would anyone need to tell me?" So, it is intentional and a choice, not "human nature". Breathing, is human nature, wanting friends is human nature, eating and sharing food is human nature. Tribalism? Really? "That's", - tribalism? No.

Someone protecting their self is not an adversary (individual, group, country).
What then, are they?
And, inevitable?

We are all the Leadership-management of our own lives. Don't provide the part they need for "adversary", don't take the "bait". However, if they then, *emboldened strike you with their stick, - take it, their stick, and with prejudice, beat them until it breaks or they stop moving and only stop to ask if they understand yet.

In my life experience, one will have nearly zero if not zero "Adversary's" in their life.

- Be an individual, however, no need to spray any of you, on anyone else, - correct?


What it IS.

Free, for all, not a free-for-all.


- See file host for further.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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'but it's all getting old now'... yep... (edit... digging this arrangement. among other things, there are certain chords which really seem to 'splash'...)

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I like the angle the lyrics hit the music and the big echo works well. Nice one.

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i read this a a song of nations and their neccessary adversaries. not those of individuals, which i agree with you are not neccessary. asie fromthat, i love what you have done with the lyric, especially the doppelganger of a second vocal...really good sog. it has a lighter feel than most of what you have been doing. and i find that appealing as i also struggle against the tendency of coming across too heavy.

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Like the way you sang and performed this. Nice collab.

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As an aside, at bar trivia with my sons this week one of the questions involved a quick unscramble of the word ADVERSARY--and I got it in, like, 2 seconds. My kids were very impressed.

As I am with your song! Wink

Great lyrics, and I love your vocal on it--just the amount of what I think they call "vocal fry"?? Good job, guys!

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I really, really enjoyed this. I love this arrangement. One of my favorite things I was told I've always taken to heart make the simple sound extraordinary and the extraordinary sound simple. I'll let you decide which this is Biggrin I think all the little "flourishes" the samples and the extra vocal echo's/etc really do serve this nicely! While still keeping it about the lyric, as this is a great one and quite the thinker, especially with your take on it in the liner notes. It's not something I've ever spent much time thinking about. I've tried to mostly live my life according to the golden rule, and anyone can fluck rightoff if I don't receive that same treatment I don't have the time/energy to waste being anyones adversary, but could always use another friend even if its just a friendly aquaintence Biggrin Great collab! Wise choice for this lyric Sunfire!

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Really interesting use of chords, and the lead playing is crisp.
Lyrically, the breaking-the-cycle theme really resonates with me philosophically.
Inspired collab!

Test Post for duplicate profile listing after collab update.

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It does that if you list more than one collaborator. I caught that last year on some of the excuisite corpses, it would post on my page 5 times, but not count towards the overall count, but reply to one would show up on them all as well. Weird little quirk Biggrin

This has a different feel as a duet, and I like it even more.........lovely vocals as always Anaezia! Was that outro added as well? been too long since I heard the first one Biggrin

Oh thank you, good to know.

Yes Anaezia always does a great job.

The track remains as it was first posted, with the addition of Anaezia's backing vocals. Yes, on my tracks one has to listen until it stops Wink if even hear silence but not done. I suppose even a green bar may show if clip 10 sec's off the end. Hahhh, on one collaboration this year, I won't say what, but was not listened to the end Wink It had a major change - which was the better choice. (Sometimes is pays to wait a day or two, but heck, musicians are not know for self discipline.)

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Hey, I love the updated version with Anaezia. Way to go everybody! Sounds good!