Pop another Pill

Pop another Pill

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Liner Notes: 

Have used the piano a bit but not much of that pop organ this time so time to get it going!

after doing this i lost the lyrics and had to listen and re write them! I suspect i changed the title at some stage

started with the disillusioned masses in the 60s and still goes on of course - the only way many find to survive.


Pop another pill today
Up to your happy p[lace
Away from disliked reality
Mind put on erase

One pill to make you smile
One to stop the lonesome creep
One to get you through the day
And help make you sleep

One to pep you up
And one to slow you down
One to keep your head right up
When you start to drown

Pop another pill today
Up to your happy place
Away from disliked reality
Mind put on erase


Pop another pill today
Up to your happy place
Away from disliked reality
Mind put on erase

One to feed the ego
And one to ease the pain
One to move you forward
Release teh clanking chain

One to make you remember
One to forget
One for you to take a chance
Play on lifes roulette

Pop another pill today
Up to your happy place
Away from disliked reality
Mind put on erase

Pop another pill today
Up to your happy place
Away from disliked reality
Mind put on erase

On erase

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I love the depth of the organ on this and the ominous kind of feel with the biting lyrics. The element of truth and the fact that it is such an ongoing solution for some to escape reality makes a powerful commentary. The lines are well written and delivered.

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reminds me of a friend who was taking anti depressants until on rainy day he was standing at a bus stop in the pouring rain amid croed of miserable people, and he wondered why he was feeling so happy. the trouble with pill popping is addiction, and the way these pills are prescribed is a forever marriage. somebody has an anxiety or depression event and becomes a lifletime addict. makes life easy for the psychiatrists, who no longer have to cure the underlying problems. the song addresses many of the reasons for all this pill popping in a somber gashion, and it is a somber situation. there are real reasons to be depressed and people need to deal with those realities. but there is another kind of depression that is an organic malfunction of the brain, and such cases often need to be sorted out chemically.

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This song has me thinking about the adage "you must FEEL to HEAL". If we are numb due to Rx, we cannot feel in order to process. I know I have needed help throughout the years. This song is so thoughtful. I love the deep vocals and guitar. Beautiful job!

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This song broods in all the right ways, I love the use of organ, piano and guitar they are layered very effectively. You vocals really shine on this one and let some really well written lyrics shine. Each word and your delivery of them feels very purposeful.

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Indeed there must be a seratonin mine somewhere. It's sad, and pushed and pushed by marketers in every sub-sub-variety. They help many, for sure. But many more are prescribed to meet some kind of quota/bonus. Really, you'd think there's be many more happy people around, but it's a strange kind of happy and the organ swirling and that slow intense vocal shows your condemnation of the overuse/misuse/abuse.

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The pill could also be a metaphor for the other addictions we turn to throughout the day: food, drink, sex, shopping, TV, internet and on and on… love the vocals - perfect for the vibe.

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Yes Brave New World is here - Soma for everyone. Poignant lyrics that are perfectly set by the music.

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Which reminds me--I think I forgot to take my thyroid pill this morning. Now, I'll probably be sleepy all day.

Very retro Grace-Slicky song--harkening back, at least to me, to the old days of psychedelia. Another great one!

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nodding along, i am a daily pill taker, i guess i always will be.hard to tell what it would be like without it. some great sounds in this

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There's a pill for everything, isn't it great? Of course, it is not. You only have to ask some 30 random people to find out most of them take ( unnecessary) pills. Too much trust in 'people of authority' and lack of properly taking care of one's self/ others are the main reasons, I'd say. More sarcasm is needed in days like these! It's a great way of exposing insanity. A nice backing track, like in here, is very effective.

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The organ part is great here, the guitar is doing its bit but the organ is the star of the show here.

I take a few pills a day. At my age. Just to keep living. None of them are recreational drugs, unfortunately.

I'd like the forget/remember pills, that could be useful.

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Sometimes pills are a necessary evil, but yes they do keep one from dealing with reality and many want that or sometimes need it. I like the way you sang it with a little sadness but just the cold hard facts.

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Like the vocal tone and texture - fits so nice with the organ sounds. Of course the lyrics are a very somber recounting of a sad truth - which also fits nicely with organ sounds

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This has a nice groove to it, and I really like that chord progression. The organ adds a 60's kind of touch, and there's a kind of washed-out dreaminess that suits the subject matter really well. Nice work!