Hey Sweetie

Hey Sweetie

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Hey Sweetie

Liner Notes: 

Nothing could be happier than birdsong.


G Walking through the forest, C listen for the G call
Just a little further, D look for something D7 small
A G little black cap and feathers C white and G grey
C Listen for the cheery G call, every D thing will be G OK.

C Hey G sweetie, D fee bee bee bee
C Hey sweetie, D fee dee dee dee
C Hey G sweetie, D fee bee bee bee
C Hey sweetie, D It's a guaran G tee
(I D think you will G agree) (last time)

G Walk around and listen, C soon you will G hear
A little black capped chickadee - is D7 near.
G They're friendly as they flit around, C Sociable and G cute.
Just C put some seed into your G hand ,
D They'll come to you and G eat .

They G fly about and fee bee bee bee bee, C I guaran G tee.
I LOVE to hear them calling,It D makes me so hap D7 py.
Such G happy little birds
I'll C always feed them G gladly
They C fly about and G fee bee bee bee bee
A D thank you , guaran G teed.

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I really like this. It reminds me of the birds in my own yard (Robins, Gackles & Crows mostly). This is a great Skirmish song @Mandolinda Smile

See You In The Shadows…

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Hi Mandolinda! Really like your Song, lyric and melody! Great performance!


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This is a beautiful song, there's a sweet comforting feeling to both the lyrics and your delivery. I've become a fan of a shorter song that says what you need to say and wraps up and this does that beautifully. This was a true pleasure to listen to, I actually listened twice. Nice skirmishing!

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Gorgeous! So melodic and sweet-sounding, a perfect fit for your lyric. Reminds me a lot of the Texas duo Eileen and Elkin Thomas. Lovely vocals, and the doo-doo-dee-dee lines are nice.

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Happy sweet uplifting easy going feel delivered well on the mandolin with your vocals. Takes me to a garden full of sweet sounding birds. Catchy chorus.