Wrote a song about quitting social media

Wrote a song about quitting social media

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Liner Notes: 

playing live so it can go straight on tik tok! : )

Feedback is really welcome.. Does the bridge fit with the song?!

thank you for listening!


I wrote a song about quitting social media
Then I gotta go and post it on my social media
That’s the way I roll can’t seem to control
My need for validation and my senseless urge to scroll

We are all addicted even though we wont admit it
There don’t seem to be a clinic for facebook users
I’ll go on it for a minute but it’s never just a minute
Cos it sucks you in and makes you feel like shit and then you regret it


Oh God won’t you save me from this soulless snapchat
Take me out of tik tok hell
IG is eye wateringly beautiful but it’s not real
Take me back to concrete schoolyards, take me back to how it once was

drowning in a sea of filters
No one knows who is who anymore
I’ll paint myself into a princess, maybe I’ll pass for Monroe (you never know)
Jokes aside let’s be kind, don’t judge the layers that we hide behind
We’re only trying to be accepted, I know it’s sad but it’s life


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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This is wonderful! I think you attained what you were looking for. Two thoughts tho, if you're thinking of posting the video --- first, you sing it very fast- if i didn't have the lyrics here, I would have had alot of stuff sail right over my head. Might want to have the lyrics avaiable to anyone seeing the video, if you're keeping that version. Also, the volume of the sound was very low and people will have to turn up the sound alot to hear-- maybe you can tweak (increase the volume, do a little eq and roll off the low frequencies a bit maybe) the sound of it? just a thought

and yes i liked the bridge alot!

great idea and really nicely done tho!

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I really like your lyrics, ha, I agree with the majority of the content. You play well and it suits the lyrics. I think Mike has said what I was thinking about enunciation, and volume. But your song has a lot of pluses.
Thank you for the nice comments on my One Way Mirror. much appreciated.

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very fine demo. so much truth here not easy to sing but well done and yup the bridge works

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Exquisite and so apposite! The bridge is perfect as it is imo...marvelous song!

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This is so awesome. I love it. I love it.

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Wow Serene, that was great. Somehow I missed seeing you had posted your second song. So glad I finally got around to it. Nice to watch a video and see you in action too. Such an important and on timely topic. Beautiful singing, as usual, and very nice guitar playing too. Well done!

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Haha your lyrics are spot on! I found myself laughing yet shaking my head in agreement! Gave ya a sub and like on YouTube...you know for that social media addiction we both have Smile

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A very real look at society, your guitar playing and vocals are top notch. This is a beautiful, scathing commentary on our use of social media to "connect" with others.

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Great satirical anti-folk song, you have a really nice voice, and I do like the guitar too. Great lyric writing, rhymes, etc. you really did the topic justice.

A little off topic advice question if you don't mind, I noticed you got a lot of views for your subscriber numbers, did you share this somewhere else? I can't seem to get views on my videos even though I have 200 subscribers, all legit too!

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Definitely hits the marks for fun and funny. So far I have taken the I 'partially quit social media and minimize follows and scrolling' approach so far, at least I tell myself that anyway. Clever lyrics and uke playing. It works well!