One Way Mirror

One Way Mirror

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One Way Mirror

Liner Notes: 

Yesterday, the sun was a red ball in the sky (due to the smoke from wildfires), and last night the moon was a white glowing circle. It is amazing to see differences in their appearances.


One Way Mirror
[Verse 1]
watching the stars in the nightime,
In lazy fashion, the clouds drift by.
Together in the same plane of time-
The dark wasteland of sky.
[Verse 2]
The moon changes with the night
glowing crescent to a celestial sphere.
Notwithstanding, the stars reach out
Grasping at shapes somewhat unclear,
Men who have been to the Moon describe
Varieties of rock obscure
We who have not, continue the romance
of Its charms and irresistible allure.
[Verse 3]
But, He is only a reflection.
No light shines from him but for those stars.
Oh, to be Alice, and conquer the
Magic of that mystical mirror.
To be a part of what lies beyond reach
Is only a dream of stars upon your fingertips
To be able to penetrate the one-way mirror
Is beyond the capability of the star called Me.

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This is beautifully poetic and romantic.. lovely idea to write a song about the moon.. you have a classic folk voice and I enjoyed your performance.. it was very calming!

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very nicely done - some very good lines here! really got hold of that xaxa rhyming now! Nice

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oh!! I love this line: "Oh, to be Alice, and conquer the
Magic of that mystical mirror." Nice one, Linda!
A poet with a mandolin.

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This has a timeless folk feel and your poetic lyrics are so lovely!

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Your lyrics are terrific. I love the musical vibe, and your vocal delivery fits perfect. Very nice!