I Compose Happy Verses

I Compose Happy Verses

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I Compose Happy Verses (50/90 collab with lyricist @cindyrella)


Liner Notes: 

Lyrics by @cindyrella, music by @Amanda Rose Riley.

Cindy's notes: @Tamsnumber4 had the brilliant idea to have poems that inspire song lyrics. I could do this almost all day I think. This song is based on ‘I Taught Myself to Live Simply’ by Anna Akhmatova, which is a wonderful poem.

Amanda's notes: Cindy and I were paired up for a random collab, and this was one of her top favorites without music, and I liked it too, so I went for it. I also really liked the melody I came up with and I hope it does the song justice Smile


I Compose Happy Verses
© 2021 Cindy Prince

"If you knock on my door
I may not even hear"
I've gone wandering
To see the heron and the deer
Beyond the trees in the clearing

If you go searching for me
I may not be there
I've gone on a trek
In the wide open air
Just at dusk with the moon appearing

"I compose happy verses"
Verses that sing to me
Not of my "superfluous worries"
But of the bumble bee
Not of things that don't matter
But of the willow tree

"I taught myself to live simply and wisely"
With the flowers that climb with the ivy

If you wonder where I am
And I don't answer my door
I may be miles down a path
Always searching for more
Of the things that keep me content

If you call me up
But I will not respond
I might be listening to frogs
Down by the deep pond
Or anywhere the earth is fragrant

Repeat chorus

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very well done! good lyric well delivered. It is a good prompt idea!

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A true treasure! I'm so happy you chose this one because you made exceptional! So lovely in every possible way!! Thank you!!

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cindy has written a fine lyric inspired by anna akhmatova's poem and amanda makes it her own with her incredible sense of melody and honest, direct delivery.

Seems I’ve been deviating from my usual EDM to turn poems into songs this 50/90 so I love this! Nicely done!

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Hope you're feeling better, Cindy...

Another great set of lyrics--always is with Cindy--and you did a great job performing it. Love your voice!

I hope you two do more collabs!

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Timing for this thought is all around us, a way to cope with the pandemic and particularly nasty environment. Living more simply can assist nature to recover.
Great lyrics and superb delivery of topic. Love this song too.