Silver Bullet (Lucas L.)

Silver Bullet (Lucas L.)

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Liner Notes: 

Vocals/Guitar: Lucas L.
Bass VI/Slide geetar/Production: Nahlej
Keys/Production: DJTJB

we are the practitioners...hear the magic taste the rainbow.

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throughout the history of hit songs, i have noticed tt it is rarely the song, but usually the sound that makes a song a hit. and that is what i am hearing here. a new sound to catch the ear. there are familiar elements. but the total sound ia new and one that stays with the listener.

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There is so much splendid ear candy in this that at times I found I was in danger of focusing on that rather than the song. Which is a shame, because it's a fine piece of indie pop. Those held "oh"s are really anthemic.

Yes, that’s what it is - interesting, cool sound!

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That was fantastic. Totally enjoyed every aspect of it. Fabulous production with lots of interesting bits of musical creativity throughout. Well done!

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So many cool elements here. That Baba O’Riley synth line halfway through, those bongos over the electronic beats, the swooshy/drop pre-chorus bits… the list goes on… great track, super vocal, love where you take it all!

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A very tasty rainbow! This is just fabulous work all over. It leans harder into the "pop" than my personal tastes usually go for, but there's enough ear candy I really enjoyed this more than I typically would, but a good song is a good song. Well done!

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Excellent stuff by all involved.
The production is on point. Its got all the modern stuff thats almost a requirement to be heard these days, but its also got character and life.
Digging the vocal performance. The pop life is alive and well in this track.
This is radio-ready in my humble opinion.