What's the Time Mr.Wolf?

What's the Time Mr.Wolf?

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Liner Notes: 

This began as a response to the second week challenge but I don't think it really meets the brief. If anything it's just got more of a hook. But that's ok, as a) I gave it a go, and b) the song has a secondary remit to amuse/honour my friend who just survived a heart attack last weekend. Written on holiday in a caravan (my excuse for being minimal), meeting up with other old friends, we discovered our parents have all suddenly decided to viciously age. And many of the older folk we used to help out have just died. We're also not fully on-board with the complications of our own aging. Ugh. Here in the UK we have a childhood game called 'What's the time Mr. Wolf', which created a great deal of tension as we tried to sneak up on the 'wolf', who might turn on us and attack us at any moment. Seemed fitting somehow.


Now my friends are having heart attacks
Time's bleeding out seems the only fact
Run ragged by the pace of life
Can we breathe, let alone see what's true, or do what's right?

Perhaps your dad is on his 7th wife
If your mum's still alive, can she even ride a bike?
There's a wolf at the door getting ready to bite

That's what the time is

Mired in responsibilities and regrets
Haunted by greater looming social debts
There's a lot to work for, much to hate
But our bodies are weakening, it's hard to take -
Even our boobs are wilting

Once punk, they would agitate
Now they're low-hanging hippy playmates
There's a wolf at the door - he wants us to shake

That's what the time is

We're all surrounded by crisis
We're all in some kind of pain
How can we sing louder when the wolf calls our name?

Well, my friends are having heart attacks
It's all stents and morphine and health checks
It's late and there's still loads of work to do
Instead I'm making up this song for you

If we can eke small joys when time are tough
Maybe that's when we know we're actual adults
The wolf's at the door, and he can fuck right off

That's what the time is!

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this is like a joni mitchell song without a lot of extraneous chords interfering with the words and melody

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Some very good lines there. Made me smile. I rather like the minimalistic approach, keeps the right focus.

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Love your voice! Especially when it goes higher every once in a while. I like the simplicity of the track, only having ukulele(?), it feels very stripped down but the well-made melodies come across more intimate now. I've never heard of this wolf game, I should look it up.

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This is lovely. The recording is so quiet and delicate, as if you stepped into a closet at a party. I love it when you get defiant and tell that wolf to fuck off. The lines about those punks made me laugh