End of the Line

End of the Line

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End of the Line (50/90)

Liner Notes: 

@colgoo assigned me Railroad Ink in the Game Night Challenge. I had not heard of this game before and did not play it, just read the description. When I read that you have to piece together railroads piece by piece and you get penalized for unfinished ones, the obvious thing that popped into my head was living in a town where the railroads were built through this game. Also certain phrases from the description inspired certain lines - I loved that they called the desert edition "Shining Yellow," for example - very poetic, haha!


Railroads are taking over this town
You can't take two steps without tripping over one
Steel rail and bolts and spikes are all around
But useful stops and starts, we somehow still have none

Every time I think I'm finally going somewhere
I find myself at the end of the line

It's like a child drew these routes on a board
Or like they rolled the dice to lay down each new track
There's a station for almost every store
But every ride, the only place to go is back

And oh, these roads were supposed to be paved with gold
But it's just shining desert yellow
And oh, we thought it was a gift from God
But he ain't nothing but a mirage

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Amanda RR! (no pun intended!!)

WoW! So much I like! the lyrics, Melody is great! Love your voice!

Really diggin' the chorus! Great work!!

Tx for posting!


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ii like the song, especially the refrain, but i cant figure out where you stand on railroads, are you for or against them?

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Great lyric. Great delivery too. Love the title hook.

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You have a special way to deliver the story, always on a deeper level exceptional.

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I love that chorus, especially the way you stretch to get that note, which you manage to. A song to listen to again after it ended. Nice!