Competing for Bronze

Competing for Bronze

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Liner Notes: 

TITLE/THEME PROMPT: "OLYMPICS" - You don't have to use the word "Olympics" - any word can fit the bill: gold silver bronze, racing, fast, swift high strong speed. torch, race....You get the idea. Use as many or as few words as you want


Worked my whole life to reach
This chance to compete
That doesn’t mean that each
Competition didn’t end in defeat

I’ll fight for every inch of a lead
Eat up any corner I’m on
But no one expects me to succeed
I’m slated “competing for bronze”

I’m going for gold
Competing for bronze

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nice one- the musical track has that 'fighting against forces' kind of feel that is perfect for the lyrical content.

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Intense and driving! Every word matters here, and reflects a fundamental truth about elite competition (or, really, any competition). I really like the 80s energy of the music as well!

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I like the direction you took. Very interesting to listen song with cool introduction, solos and a fascinating story telling. Loving your vocals and playing. Very dynamic and memorable.

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The music has a wonderfully aggressive driving feel with a great edge and angst coming through in the well-written and perfectly delivered. Great unique take on the skirmish!

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Very cool! That opening riff is awesome, and I love how you build on it as the song goes on. The feeling that the speaker wants to show up the people who didn't believe in him gives the lyrics a nice edge, which is backed up perfectly by the driving guitars. Enjoyed my listen, great work!

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Really cool skirmish! Just love that music and the feeling it brings!

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Great groove, sweet guitars! I like the perspective of the athlete who's good but not expected to be great. I hear his determination as you rock on!

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Love the heavy intro and interlude, cool guitar tones. Good take on the prompt. The groove and vocal have a Talking Heads vibe. I enjoyed listening!

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That guitar riff is super catchy and drew me right away. Great take on the prompt, one of the first I've listened to so far that actual is about the Olympics. This is a solid song even more so considering it's a skirmish.