An American Gothic Renewed

An American Gothic Renewed

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Liner Notes: 

Ok. On the board! Gonna shoot for 10/90 this year...


I've considered the land
with it's calloused demands
and I've heard it's fair tune
A season of digging
of swoonin' and singin'
has enlivened the view
Oh, the goodness of labor
sweet sweat now to savor
It keeps a heart true
Green are the acres
For those who embrace
Their infinity, destiny, bloom

Oh, but could it last
In a world downcast
Has the time now passed
Oh, how I'm taken by thoughts that awaken my senses
The colors so bright, let me run, let me fly, let me try
Let me know this is right

Well, shoulder to man
There stands a young woman
Whose presence is distant and blue
Her sky is the ocean
Her fields, the cool motion
A dance her mother once knew
And is she the architect
Carving this land
An American Gothic renewed
Or have we mistaken
The course of this nation
With some permanent unchanging view

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That's one helluva way to get off the blocks. This is so, so good. That lazy guitar doing what's necessary to establish the backing, but letting the vocals sit at the fore where they should be. The poetry of those lyrics, the cadence of the words: just stunning.


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i dont know many musicians who can remain so true to tradition while composing something so freshly modern. maybe paul simon or shane mcgowan

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Don’t know what I could possibly add except to say I loved the poetic rhythm of the song. A real body bob.

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Great to hear you and this is a very good first up! Excellent!

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One song from you is worth 10 in my book. I still say that your writing is like Paul Simon. Like this one reminds me of the more introspective So Beautiful So What album. I absolutely love your lyrical turns. You do this thing where the words create these beautiful rhythmic gems. The vocal doubling is beautiful. Deceptively simple but so much going on. I needed that. Thanks!

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Yasss I'm so glad to hear you again! You know I'm a huge fan. Stunning songwriting as always. The rhythm and poetic translucency of the lyrics is perfection, as is the performance and backing vocal. I love the description of the young woman.

Seriously amazed that this calibre of artistry is just chilling out here on 50/90.

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I think I've come back and listened to this song multiple times without commenting. I love your voice. I could listen to it all day...and sometimes do.

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Dang, this is so good right out of the gate. That opening couplet throws down the guanlet and you continue to deliver throughout. I love the way the words/melody tumble out, now in torrents, now in a trickle. The performance is lovely. Those high vocals give me chills. I won't insult you with analysis. Let me simply genuflect before a masterful piece of work