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Liner Notes: 

This probably would be interesting with an guitar break after the bridge. I could hear it with a gnarly, snarly overdriven electric there and maybe even some of that throughout, but that's beyond my guitar capabilities. If anybody wants to jump in and rework this with some guitar like that and/or some layers of instrumentation, I'd welcome the opportunity to collaborate and will gladly re-record new guitar and vocal tracks with space for a break and whatever other tweaks might be appropriate.



Wild as a buck at just seventeen
Not a boy or a man, but somewhere between
Dropped out of school and started a band
Some of those nights got way outta hand
But I survived
That wild ride
That whole sex, drugs and rock & roll plan

So many beautiful girls in the bar
Blonde hair as bright as a gold flake guitar
Did my best move with the microphone stand
Trying to make each of ‘em my biggest fan
At the break
Piece of cake
In my sex, drugs and rock & roll plan

One night the place was half empty
A loneliness clawed at my soul
Time to put this stuff behind me
Time to grow up before I grow old

We’re watching the sunrise come out of the lake
Found a good woman’s love to be what it would take
To fill up the holes in the heart of a man
So now my only encore demand
Is a wife
And a life
With no sex, drugs and rock & roll plan

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Cool lyrics - paints an interesting story - like watching a movie. Love your vocals - perfect for the guitar and story. Almost missed it, tho, because “The Plan” seemed so vague.

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I can relate to the sentiment in the lyrics, really nice arrangement and excellent guitar work.

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WoW! Jeff9, this is killer! As I have said before love your vox and playing. Great recording; what's your set-up? One/two mics? mixer/interface? any direct acoustic mixed in?

Really paints a picture!

Top notch all around!


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Thanks, KC. Replying here instead of your message board in case the question interests others, too. Pretty simple setup--just a single Shure SM57 mic, run through an Apogee Duet interface and Garageband as a DAW. Sometimes I record guitar and vocal separately, but on live takes like this one, I just try to put the mic somewhere between the guitar and my face while playing it seated.

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I concur these are top class vocals, in fact all round an excellent song!