That Stank

That Stank

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Liner Notes: 

I had an hour to kill, Friday morning so I decided to hop into one of the skirmishes that I couldn’t take part in last week. Set a timer for an hour and committed to it like it was real. Smell was the prompt.

I’m actually pretty sensitive to smells. The reason those “no smell environment” signs are up sort of sensitive. Generally, scent is my least favourite of the senses, so I initially went with a negative aspect of smells, but very quickly realized I would write something very, very gross is it kept at that. So I tried to go in a different direction, how well I did is going to be up to each listener.

While I was playing around with scent based words, "Stank" popped in my head and that led me to thinking about a funk groove, I got a good groove and chord progression down and the lyrics started to flow. Unfortunately I ran out of time before I was able to record.

When I went back to look at the song the next day, it was a lot more dirty than I realized when I was writing it. Since I was already over an hour, I decided to do a little refinement to the lyrics. Removed a few cringy bits, and cleaned up the structure... then I decided that the musical direction wasn't a great fit. It was synth heavy funk, and it was just begging for a 70s porno vibe. I spent some time programming some MIDI guitars and then added some piano to round it out.

Honestly it's only sort of the same song that I wrote in the skrimish hour. The bass is unchanged, and most of the lyrics are the same, but that's about where it ends.

Flagging this one NSFW, because I could see some finding this overly vulgar. Hopefully I kept it playful enough that it isn't offensive.



Got my olfactory
Working overtime
It’s tingling in my senses
That smell is oh so fine.

Sweet scent of my woman
Always titalates
And your fragrance got me captivated
I love that stank
That stank

Perfume in the air
My favourite bouquet
The pheromones you’re secreting
Got me intoxicated

That funk you putting down
Get it all up in my face
You don’t need no shower girl
I love that stank
That stank


Close the windows up
I want to hot box all this funk
Cause the oder that’s wafting, baby
Is my kinda stuff

Ain’t no flower garden
Could ever smell this great.
I know I just can’t get enough
Of your stank
That stank

That scent that is lingering,
Make me salivate
Bodies sweet aroma
Trigger hunger panes
God damn you smell delicious girl
Can I get a taste
Want to dive right in and eat you up
Till your satiated

Sweet scent of my honeychile
Drives me insane
One whiff and I go crazy babe
I love that stank
That stank

Stick that sweet ambrosia
All up in my face
You ain’t got to be self conscious girl.
I love that stank
That stank

Not a trick I’m pulling
Get you to, reciprocate
I could go on all night sugar
Cause I love that stank
That stank

You don’t need no shower girl
I love that stank
Get the funk up on me.
I love that stank

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Yes, sense of "smell", - folks make a living with that if work for a chem flavors and fragrances co. I remember walking up to my door and wonder why "they" had stopped by. Smile yes, smelled who'd been there, - some fragrances linger. I still smell my old dog, and she's been gone a long time Smile (And, yes, I bleached the house too Wink ) hahhh!

So, anyway, great Funk, or bump and grind track. Well done. (You know someone's gonna refer to the old "fish market" joke and the gentleman who was not well sighted..., but, no, I won't. Even this reference don't meant that Wink )

I love Funk, the "old" stuff that was allot of Rock, "fusion"... it's to bad it didn't have a longer time to develop prior to the "disco" label came out and sideway's it Smile

- Not offensive at all, in anyway that I could first take detect. I guess I could give it some thought and "Trigger" word it Wink hahhh, ain't life grand 2ddayy!

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this is brilliant man. love the whole vibe. lyrics are top notch. the changes are great.

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Great groove. Love that funky vibe and ghe vocal delivery is perfect. Lyrics are crazy awesomeness.

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Too bad that this is labeled NSFW because I'm totally listening to it at work right now. Love that funky groove. The lyrics are fun and sexy--you nailed the vibe you were going for. Fantastic vocal delivery!