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TOP Song

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Liner Notes: 

My friend and band mate, Rick Ramsey survived the great fire of Nov.8, 2018 that burned the Town of Paradise (TOP). 52,000 people were displaced and 18,000 structures were destroyed. All of those evacuees had only three two-lane roads to travel on to escape. Many were in their cars as the forest burned around them. 85 people died.
It was determined that the cause of the fire was trees blown down across power lines and the power company, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) was liable for the damages because they knew of the hazard and had been too lazy to take care of it. It cost them $13 billion. Even now in Chico, the adjacent town there are still homeless camps in the parks of people displaced by the fire.


If you live in the “TOP” - Town of Paradise
Look out for PG&E - the power of Good and Evil
If you live in the TOP - Town of Paradise
Look out for PG&E - the power of Good and Evil
They’re burning the trees, and your house if you please
If you live in the TOP

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this has got a cool groove, quite chirpy for such a serious subject. i love your delivery style, and the bass! i like the little run between the verses

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I like the sound effects in this one! What a story - must have been one heck of a thing to live through for your band mate.

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Heartbreaking. A friend of mine lost absolutely everything he had in wildfire a couple of years ago. His home, together with all the mementoes and artefacts of his career as a professional musician: just gone. He was remarkably sanguine about it. I suspect I wouldn't have been anywhere near as chilled.

The contrast between "Paradise" and the reframing PG&E as "Power of Good and Evil" (tending towards Evil, by all accounts) is very nicely done. Perfectly fits the "cop show theme tune" treatment!

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Incredible and heartbreaking story. Nice groove and delivery.

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That's quite a story in the liner notes. Kind of reminds me of Talking Heads. I like the odd meter and changes in rhythm.

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How do I get to the demo great Lyrics. Found it nice arrangement too

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like a flashback nightmare that catches you unaware in the daytime. only lasts a few seconds, but stays with you for the rest of the day

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Thanks, Bill, I think you really captured it. "flashback nightmare"